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Space Planning

A window-side meeting space with a view of the city.

Led by Executive Director, Janet Hercz, and Manager, Heather Hardcastle, Space Planning is responsible for campus-wide space planning and operational readiness. The team tracks all space-related data for the university’s owned and leased spaces for the university and for provincial reporting. Their work plays a critical role in campus-wide strategic planning.

Janet Hercz
Executive Director, Business Operations and Space Planning
416-979-5000, ext. 553067

Heather Hardcastle
Manager, Space Planning
416-979-5000, ext. 553064

The space planning team works with academic and administrative client groups, the campus development units (Planning and Development, the Project Management Office and Real Estate),  and external design consultants to assess departmental space needs and achieve effective utilization of space

Student enjoying a sunny nook in the Student Learning Centre.

Space Planning develops ”functional programs” to analyze user groups’ needs to ensure they have appropriate facilities that fulfill their functional and operational needs — the right spaces with the right features. Functional programs are informed by the university space guidelines — developed and implemented by the team — to ensure equitable and efficient space allocation.

The team also assists departments with the adjustment period and processes for working in a new space. This state of “operational readiness” helps departments transition their operations from one space to another and resume activities with minimal downtime.