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Smoking and Vaping on Campus

Aerial view of Kerr Hall, with the greenery of the Ryerson Quad in the centre.

TMU’s Smoking and Vaping Policy, available on the University Administrative Policies website, sets the university’s rules as they apply to all forms of smoking and vaping on campus. The policy captures TMU's current rules and practices that align with and follow existing provincial laws and the Smoke Free Ontario Act (external link) , but also includes specific items that are unique to a university, such as the Smoke-Free Quad and exemptions for research purposes.   

Smoking or vaping is not permitted:

  • inside any enclosed university property (including any place, buildings, residences, structure or vehicle that is covered by a roof)
  • inside any enclosed public spaces (including event spaces and workplaces);
  • within 20 meters of the Early Learning Centre children’s playground
  • within 9 meters of university-owned building entrances, exits, loading docks, fresh air intakes, and compressed gas storage areas; and
  • in the Kerr Hall Quad (the green space located within the four sections of the Kerr Hall building).

TMU’s Smoking and Vaping Policy is in line with the university’s commitment to the success of its students, faculty and staff by creating a safe, secure and healthy environment that puts the physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing of our people first.

Medical accommodations and Indigenous ceremonial practices exempt from policy

The Smoking and Vaping Policy does not impact medical accommodations or Indigenous ceremonial practises. Toronto Metropolitan University recognizes and respects Indigenous ceremonial and cultural practices. For indoor campus locations where Indigenous ceremonial and cultural practices are to be carried out, please complete a service request by contacting the Facilities Help Desk at least three days in advance of your event.

When employees or students require medical accommodation for cannabis use, the university reviews each case individually, under the direction of the Ontario Human Rights Code and TMU policies and procedures:

Working together towards a smoke-free Quad

Under the policy, smoking and vaping is not permitted in the Kerr Hall Quad.

The Kerr Hall Quad, home to our Early Learning Centre’s (ELC) outdoor playground, is a valuable green space and TMU-owned property. The health impacts of smoking and second-hand smoke are well documented. A healthy campus environment is a top priority for Toronto Metropolitan University. A smoke free quad will provide our youngest community members with access to clean air in TMU’s outdoor, community space, as well as:

  • limit the exposure to risks associated with second-hand smoke and vapours and facilitate our community’s access to clean air during their time in this outdoor, community space
  • contribute to the ongoing cultural shift away from smoking and vaping
  • support sustainability of our campus by reducing the amount of litter and resources attributed to smoking
  • minimize environmental concerns and fire risks associated with the use of smoking products.

TMU's approach to a Smoke- and vape-free quad focuses on education and awareness. All community members are expected to abide by the provincial laws and campus policies.

We understand that will require community members who smoke or vape in the Quad to move elsewhere. We thank all TMU community members for their cooperation and consideration as we establish the Quad as a clean-air outdoor community space on campus.

Smoke- and vape-free Quad boundaries

The smoke-free zone in the Kerr Hall Quad is indicated in the map below. The smoke- and vape-free area consists of:

  • the interior green space in the Kerr Hall Quad,
  • the archway entrances into the Kerr Hall Quad,
  • doorways on the interior of the Kerr Hall Quad
  • doorways on the exterior Kerr Hall North, Kerr Hall South, Kerr Hall East, and Kerr Hall West.
Map indicating that the Ryerson Quad is a smoke and vape free zone.

Additional resources if you want to quit smoking or vaping

We recognize that tobacco and nicotine are addictive substances and we are committed to providing access to smoking reduction and cessation programs and education. TMU offers support for faculty, staff and students who want to quit smoking. If you are interested in quitting, the following are resources at TMU:

External resources