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Toronto Metropolitan University’s Facilities Management and Development (“Facilities”) oversees the development, operations and maintenance of the university’s buildings, facilities and grounds across four million square feet of space in 42 buildings on 27 acres of land. Our diverse team develops and maintains the facilities and infrastructure that enable TMU to conduct world-class research and provide transformative student experiences.

Our work is focussed on TMU’s commitment to the whole student experience and an environment that is inclusive, accessible and community-focused.

A wide range of expert knowledge

The Facilities team has a wide rage of expertise that includes real estate and land-use planning, project management, engineering and architecture, skilled trades and facilities services, energy and sustainability, and environmental health and safety. 

Our team works in concert to support our mandate and leverage their combined expertise under the strategic guidance of the Campus Master Plan to support the goals and values of Toronto Metropolitan University’s Strategic Vision.

We share the responsibility of good campus stewardship with the greater TMU community — together we continuously maintain and develop our properties and our built environment to support scholarly, research and creative activities, and promote health and wellbeing.

Facilities by the numbers

17,000+ classroom seats

33,600+ work orders completed last year

340,000 square feet of teaching labs

80,000+ square feet of upgrades in a year

230,000 square feet of research space

47,000+ items rehomed by the
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