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Facilities Help Desk (Fixit)

The Facilities Help Desk (“Fixit”) is the TMU community’s one-stop service hub for all facilities-related questions, concerns and requests for service. Our help-desk team reviews all requests to issue work orders or direct questions to the most appropriate Facilities team or subject-matter expert for response and action — from coffee-spill clean-up to space and renovation requests.

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Learn about processes, timelines and what information you will need to collect to make sure you have everything you need to fill out and submit the form to action your request.

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If something needs attention contact Fixit.

Is something a mess? Is something amiss? Contact Fixit!

We share the responsibility of good campus stewardship with the greater TMU community — your service requests and reports help us continuously maintain a clean, hygienic and good-working environment and infrastructure. If you see something that needs our attention, please contact the Facilities Help Desk. — We can fix it!