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Campus Development

Toronto Metropolitan University’s campus-development efforts — planning, development, acquisition and facilities and property management — are guided by the principles of the Campus Master Plan and in support of the goals and values of the university’s bold Strategic Vision.

Our work focuses on the ongoing development of high-quality spaces for scholarly, research and creative activities, as well as ensuring our spaces are inclusive and  promote health and wellbeing.

Learn about some of our projects

How we make decisions

The Facilities team plans, schedules and allocates resources for executing projects that are aligned with key university priorities, including:

  • Infrastructure projects that are critical to maintaining our physical plant.
  • Accessibility projects that support our commitment to having an inclusive campus.
  • Energy-saving projects that reduce our carbon footprint.
  • Projects that support TMU’s growth, such as planning new buildings and fitting-out leased facilities.
  • Projects that keep our community healthy and safe.

Learn more about our Campus Development teams

Campus development requires a broad level of expertise to support Toronto Metropolitan University’s city-building vision for the future. To learn more about the individual campus development units, what we do and how we work together, visit the Campus Development contact us page.