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Accessibility and Amenity Information

RCC bridge interior

Toronto Metropolitan University has four million square feet of space in 42 buildings that range from heritage buildings constructed in the 1800s to new, state-of-the-art, purpose-built facilities. With barrier-free design a key goal in the Campus Master Plan, accessibility initiatives are embedded in every renovation and new build in TMU-owned and -leased spaces. 

Facilities Management and Development (“Facilities”) is also continually exploring innovative solutions to adapt or retrofit our older facilities to better serve our diverse community and meet today’s more rigorous standards for accessibility and inclusion. As we modernize our spaces, our campus is ever-changing and our maps and campus data evolving.

Facilities is compiling data to supplement the Campus Map and help students, faculty and staff find and access infrastructure and amenities for their day-to-day planning and on-campus activities. This information available on the following pages may change as updates become available.

Continuous improvement of our facilities

The Built Environment Working Group helps Facilities identify priorities for accessibility-improvement projects across campus and looks for opportunities to add or upgrade features in existing spaces. 

Additionally, the Teaching and Learning Spaces Working Group (TLSWG) and Facilities Management and Development also carry out an annual Classroom Refresh Project to revitalize and modernize heavily used classrooms. The classroom refresh includes improvements to accessibility features such as the addition of automated door openers, height adjustable desks and lecterns, interior ramps, or wheelchair-accessible seating.

As we move forward under the guidance of the Campus Master Plan’s goals and recommendations, we continue to strive to create a highly accessible campus and inclusive amenities for an inviting and welcoming campus for all. 

Reporting errors and omissions

If you discover an incorrect room number,  description or an access issue, please contact the Facilities Help Desk (“Fixit”) at Fixit is the TMU community’s one-stop service hub for all facilities-related questions, concerns and requests for service.