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Slips, Trips and Falls

Slips, trips and falls are one of the leading causes of unintentional injuries in the workplace. Common reasons for slips, trips and falls are wet or oily surfaces; accidental spills; loose or unanchored rugs or mats; change of floor traction from one area to another; and dark and/or obstructed pathways.

To reduce the risk of suffering from a slip, trip and/or fall, follow these safety tips:

  • Pay attention to where you are going and walk at a pace that is appropriate for the walking surface and the task you are carrying out.
  • Don’t carry or push loads that obstruct your vision.
  • Use handrails whenever possible.
  • Don’t run on stairways or through working areas.
  • Remove items that may be tripping hazards such as wires, cords and boxes.
  • Regularly check for defects in the flooring condition (i.e. broken floorboards and/or loose carpeting).
  • Wear shoes that are appropriate for the task with good support and slip-resistant soles.
  • Be careful when entering from wet or snowy weather: wipe shoes and watch out for wet spots on the floor.
  • Ensure working areas and hallways are adequately lit.
  • If you notice a wet floor or spill, cover the spill with paper towel/napkins to alert people of the hazard. Contact the Facilities Help Desk (Fixit) or so that staff can clean it up as soon as possible.