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Machine and Equipment Safety

Our campus has workspaces like labs, studios and workshops that house machines such as drill presses, bandsaws, lathes and more. These machines and pieces of equipment have complex moving parts which have the potential to cause injury to individuals who operate them or come within close proximity to them.


Training is a key component of the Machine and Equipment Safety Program and is mandatory for all students, faculty and staff who will be operating machines, as a means to identify and learn safe practices prior to use. The goal of the Machine Safety training is to walk the user through an understanding of university policy and safety procedures that apply.

To sign up for Machine Safety training, follow these enrollment instructions.

Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) provides comprehensive, online training on Machine Safety, available to anyone who plans to work with machines, or within a workspace where machines will be used. The online training covers the different types of machine hazards, control measures (e.g. guarding, emergency stop, lockout, tagout, HVAC and administrative controls) and inspection protocols. Training also covers basic health and safety principles to help the user minimize their risk while working with machines.

There are a total of three modules, and at the end of each module you will be asked questions to help solidify your understanding of the material presented in that module. You must complete all modules successfully in order to obtain a certificate of completion for this course.

Machine-specific training required

In addition to the online training, users operating machines should also be trained on the safe operating procedure for the specific machine that they work with.

Maintenance and inspection

All machines must be maintained in good condition. Maintenance and inspection should be performed by users and/or the shop or lab supervisor on a regular basis.


TMU’s Machine and Equipment Safety Program is in compliance, by law, with the Occupational Health and Safety Act (OHSA) (external link) .