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Process and Response Times

Response times

Response time based on priority level of request

We work together as a team to respond to service requests in a timely manner. All requests submitted to the Facilities Help Desk ("Fixit") are acknowledged within two business days. The timeline to action requests varies depending on current resource allocation and level of priority.

We prioritize requests based on their nature, allowing us to optimize workflow and serve the TMU community effectively. Service requests fall under four categories:

The Priority 1: Emergency category refers to sudden, unexpected issues or conditions that present an imminent danger to life, safety or health, and/or will result in major damage to assets.


  • downed electrical wire
  • broken steam or waterline
  • flooding
  • power failure
  • indoor temperatures falling outside of the required guidelines in highly populated areas (classrooms, labs, lecture halls, etc.)

Response time: Immediate.

The Priority 2: Urgent category refers to unexpected issues or conditions that affect or impede important operations or sanitation, and/or may pose risk to health and safety, and/or may cause an emergency condition if not addressed promptly.


  • replace essential light bulb in critical areas such as classrooms, stairwells, hallways or dark alleyways
  • repair cracked window
  • minor leaks
  • minor plumbing issues where other facilities are available
  • elevator breakdowns creating accessibility issues

Response time: 48 hours or less, depending on available resources.

The Priority 3: Routine or Scheduled category refers to issues or conditions that do not require immediate attention, and can be responded to during normal operational hours.


  • replace light bulbs in non-critical areas (e.g. decorative lighting, feature lighting)
  • hanging pictures, whiteboards, etc.
  • replacing cabinet doors or damaged shelving
  • painting
  • preventative maintenance

Response time: 14 business days or as soon as possible, depending on available resources.

The Projects category refers to requests for new space or renovations to existing spaces, as well as deferred maintenance projects. Projects are prioritized based on their nature, level of urgency and availability of resources.


  • large scale painting
  • replacement of carpeting or other flooring
  • furniture upgrades
  • infrastructure/equipment upgrades
  • renovations and/or construction
  • new space

Response time: Dependent on level of complexity and scheduling required.

If something needs attention contact Fixit.

Is something a mess? Is something amiss? Contact Fixit!

We share the responsibility of good campus stewardship with the greater TMU community — your service requests and reports help us continuously maintain a clean, hygienic and good-working environment and infrastructure. If you see something that needs our attention, please contact the Facilities Help Desk. — We can fix it!