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Contractor Health and Safety Compliance

Toronto Metropolitan University (TMU) is committed to promoting the health, safety, and wellbeing of all members of the University Community, and providing a safe and healthy work, learning, and research environment. 

The university requires that health, safety and environmental sustainability considerations are incorporated into the university’s operations and planning to support the protection, safety and wellbeing of members of the university community. This includes the requirement that all persons conducting activities on university premises comply with procedures, regulations and standards that safeguard our community. 

External contractors that have been engaged by TMU to perform services on owned or leased premises must familiarize themselves with the university’s relevant policies and procedures for on-campus work, including environmental health and safety requirements.

Expectations for external contractors on campus

Environmental Health and Safety’s (EHS)  (google doc) Health and Safety Manual for Contractors (external link)  provides a summary of the expectations and performance requirements for contractors that are working for the university. The manual provides an overview of key TMU policies and expectations for conduct and responsibilities while working at the university.

This manual does not replace or limit the requirements of federal and provincial legislation, or those outlined in the contract with TMU. It is the contractor’s obligation to meet all applicable EHS requirements whether they are addressed in this document or the contractor’s site-specific safety program.

The manual provides an overview that includes information on:

  • TMU policies applicable to constructors, contractors, sub-contractors and their personnel;
  • university codes of conduct, TMU-community rules and responsibilities;
  • documentation requirements;
  • safety orientation and training requirements;
  • reporting protocols for incidents, injuries or environmental spills; and
  • specific hazards and hazardous work that require TMU permits. 

Prior to the start of any work, TMU verifies that the contractor has adequate policies, procedures, training, and supervision to carry out the work safely, to comply with all applicable regulations and TMU’s Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) policy.

How to get started

Contractors engaged to conduct work at TMU must familiarize themselves with the Health and Safety Manual for Contractors and must sign its appended EHS Form 1 - Constructor / Contractor Acknowledgement and Undertaking, which will be kept on file by the TMU Project Management Office personnel overseeing the contractor services provided.

For any questions about the Health and Safety Manual for Contractors, please contact the TMU Project Manager.