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Portable Ladders

Ladders and step stools are useful tools, but when used incorrectly they can result in serious injury from falling. Follow these requirements and safety tips when using a ladder or step stool:

  • Choose the right ladder for the job: look for the Canadian Standards Association (CSA) approval when choosing a ladder.
  • Inspect ladder before each use for defects (e.g. loose parts). Do not use defective ladders! Get them repaired or throw them out right away.
  • Read and follow the labels/markings on the ladder.
  • Make sure footwear is non-slip and flat.
  • Ensure the ladder is placed on a firm, level, non-slippery surface and clear of obstacles.
  • Ensure legs of a step ladder are fully extended and the braces are locked into place.
  • Always maintain 3 point contact (two hands and one foot, or one hand and two feet) when climbing a ladder. Face the ladder when descending.
  • Never stand on or above the top two rungs of a stepladder and do not overreach beyond the side rails
  • For electrical work, use a ladder made of material that is non-conductive of heat and electricity (e.g. fiberglass).