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What Has Been Achieved so Far

Devonian Lake Plaza

Achievements of the 2008 Campus Master Plan

Since 2008, Toronto Metropolitan University’s remarkable growth has been guided by our flexible, visionary Campus Master Plan. The plan outlined a framework for undertaking the revitalization of our campus and acted as a catalyst for change and renewal within our unique downtown community.

TMU’s campus is porous and its boundaries knit together with our surrounding communities — both existing and emerging. We have a responsibility as a leading innovation university and as a city builder to facilitate and realize positive change in downtown Toronto. The core goals of the 2008 Campus Master Plan continue to guide campus development today:

  • urban intensification
  • people first – pedestrianization of the urban environment
  • a commitment to design excellence

How the 2008 goals shaped our campus

The Campus Master Plan is a set of guidelines and strategic objectives that drive campus development. Over the decade that followed the 2008 Campus Master Plan, TMU realized key goals to bring those principles to life:

Urban intensification

Daphne Cockwell Health Sciences Complex

The completion of the Daphne Cockwell Health Sciences Complex (DCC) as the flagship of our new, vertical campus that houses innovative academic spaces, administrative offices, student accommodations in an iconic tower.

People first: pedestrianization of the urban environment

Nelson MandelaWalk

The undertaking of the Campus Core Revitalization making permanent the pedestrianization of Gould Street and Victoria Street. It  provides a vibrant and engaging configuration of public spaces, as well as modernized infrastructure to improve the student, faculty, staff and visitor experience.

Design excellence

The implementation of innovative projects that have raised the bar for institutional design and embody our commitment to design excellence:

Sheldon & Tracy Levy Student Learning Centre (SLC)

Sheldon & Tracy Levy Student Learning Centre (SLC)

Centre for Urban Innovation (CUI)

Centre for Urban Innovation (CUI)

Mattamy Athletic Centre bleachers

Mattamy Athletic Centre (MAC)

The Image Centre and Image Arts buildings

Image Arts (IMA) and The Image Centre (IMC)

These examples demonstrate what can be achieved under the guidance of a master plan that is developed through extensive engagement and consultation.  A plan that captures the major themes, ideas and aspirations expressed by participants  — a comprehensive vision created by our community for our community, neighbours and city.