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Risk Assessments

Risk assessments and hazard assessments are designed to assist students, faculty and staff in identifying hazards and predetermining the necessary control measures within the workplace. Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) has created various resources to support the risk and hazard assessment process prior to the commencement of work, research or teaching activities. Information for assessing risks for special events or travel can also be found below.

We encourage you to reach out to your faculty/department EHS manager should you have any questions. 

Academic and research hazard assessments

Prior to beginning your academic activity, project or research, the principal investigator, faculty advisor or project supervisor should complete the  (google doc) Academic and Research Hazard Assessment Form (external link) 

Environmental Health and Safety at TMU is committed to accessibility for persons with disabilities. If you require this document in an alternative format, please contact

Following completion of the form, the head of the department should review it. This is especially important because in some cases, the department will need to allocate resources to support the equipment, materials, infrastructure or people involved in the research. Any research supported by grant funding will also go through a risk assessment during the grant application process.

Once the form is completed and reviewed, please email it to

Event risk assessments

Students planning events are encouraged to complete a Student Risk Assessment application in order to ensure they are taking the right steps towards hosting a productive, fun and safe event.

If you would like to organize an event on campus, please complete a risk assessment with Community Safety and Security to ensure that the staff, faculty and students organizing and attending your event are safe.

International travel risk assessments

As part of TMU's commitment to our travelers, the university has invested in global medical and security assistance through International SOS (external link) . This program is designed to keep our students, faculty and staff healthy, safe and secure while traveling or living abroad. 

Prior to travel, please access the services and online resources at Global Learning to register as a traveler and complete a travel risk assessment. 

Working alone or in isolation risk assessments

While working alone or in isolation is not always hazardous, it can present risks due to the nature of work and has the potential to affect the health and safety of those involved. The working alone or in isolation program has guidelines, and resources to assist students, faculty and staff in identifying the risks associated with any work, activities and tasks that may be dangerous when performed alone or in isolation. Visit the Working Alone or in Isolation webpage for more information and to locate the associated risk assessment templates.

Field studies risk assessments

Field studies include research or educational activities conducted outside of the traditional classroom or laboratory setting. When conducting field studies, hazards associated with the field study location and the activity must be assessed to ensure control measures are in place for a successful field trip and study. Visit the Field Studies webpage for more information on the Field Studies Safety Program and associated risk assessment templates.

Workplace violence and harassment risk assessments

As inclusion and civility are priorities at TMU, instances of workplace violence and harassment are taken seriously.  TMU has an obligation under the Occupational Health and Safety Act and the Ontario Human Rights Code to protect our staff and faculty members and to minimize the potential for workplace harassment leading to workplace violence, including domestic violence. Risk assessments for workplace violence are required in all work areas at TMU.  Additionally, in some cases, TMU will conduct risk assessments to support our staff/faculty in this area; visit the Community Safety and Security webpage for more information and to locate the associated risk assessment templates.

Learn more about TMU’s Workplace Violence Prevention and Response Program.