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Upcoming increase to mileage reimbursement rates for university travel

August 30, 2022

To: All leaders and financial systems users
CC: Departmental and administrative assistants and coordinators

We’re sharing information about upcoming changes to the allowable mileage reimbursement rate for university travel completed by Toronto Metropolitan University faculty and staff. 

Effective September 1, 2022, the mileage reimbursement rate will increase to $0.57 per kilometre or $0.91 per mile. Mileage reimbursement claims for travel incurred up to August 31, 2022 will remain at the existing rate of $0.50 per kilometre or $0.80 per mile. 

We ask that you please share this email, as appropriate, with employees from your unit approved for business-related travel.

Learn more about allowable travel-related business expenses on the faculty and staff reimbursement page on our website.

Instructions for submitting mileage reimbursement claims

To submit a mileage reimbursement claim, please follow the applicable instructions below:

Submit claims online

Full-time faculty and staff and employees on terms over 12 months may submit mileage claims electronically via the Finance Information System (FIS) expense claims and reimbursements (iExpense). After logging in, select the Mileage Expenses tab upon reaching the cash and other expenses step. Enter the total number of kilometres or miles you’ve traveled per day and the calculate button will automatically determine your reimbursement. 

Submit claims manually

Faculty and staff on terms of less than 12 months must submit their claims manually by entering the total distance traveled and the rate they’re claiming in the  (PDF file) Travel Expense Form to calculate the total amount of their reimbursement. Employees traveling more than 25 kilometres are required to provide documentation supporting their distance traveled like a printout of their route from Google Maps (external link) .


If you have any questions about the new mileage rates or require assistance submitting a claim, please contact Mary Jane Pacheco, manager of payment services, at