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For student tuition and residence related billing inquiries, please refer to the ServiceHub website for assistance.

Accounts Receivable manages all billings to third parties on behalf of departments for goods or services provided or expense recoveries over $50. This includes managing the receivables, providing reports, analysing aging reports and if necessary, provide collections.

For more on the accounts receivable system objectives, visit the:

Accounts Receivable process overview

Once an  (PDF file) Accounts Receivable Invoice Requisition Form is received by Accounts Receivable, the following will occur:

  • the invoice is entered into the financial system, detailing:
    • the goods or services provided to the client
    • the amount due
    • an invoice is generated with a unique invoice number
  • the invoice will be emailed to the client directly unless otherwise specified by the billing department.
  • upon creation of the invoice, the amount is credited to the billing department’s cost centre.
  • Accounts Receivable will follow up with the department and/or client to collect the outstanding funds if the invoice remains outstanding past TMU standard terms.

For invoices that remain outstanding beyond 365 days, the outstanding amount will be debited back from the department cost centre and the invoice may be sent to a collection agency. In such cases, we will give the affected department 20 days’ notice and work with the department for resolution.

If the collection agency is successful, the invoice amount will be credited back to the department, minus collection agency fees.

The billing process is undertaken by departments and differs depending on the amount you are billing a client for.

Less than $50

An invoice is not required for goods and services under $50. Payments can be made directly to the departmental cost centre. Visit the deposits page on how to make a deposit.

More than $50

Complete an  (PDF file) Accounts Receivable Invoice Requisition Form and submit a signed copy of the form to 

More than $500

Complete an  (PDF file) Accounts Receivable Invoice Requisition Form and submit a signed PDF copy of the form along with supporting documentation such as a contract, agreement etc. to Any invoice request that is for more than $500 also requires signed approval on the form from a dean, manager or supervisor.

Accounts Receivable will only invoice for sponsorship when the request is on behalf of a student group/society and the amount is under $5,000.

All other sponsorship invoice requests must go through University Advancement.

Please refer to the chart below for invoicing contacts related to sponsorship agreements:

Type of sponsorship invoice

Invoice processed by Financial Services

Invoice processed by University Advancement

Receipt of funds processed by Financial Services

Receipt of funds processed by University Advancement

Faculty/ school/ department sponsorship invoice



Faculty student society or student group sponsorship invoice > $5,000



Faculty student society or student group sponsorship invoice <= $5,000



All donation related activity is managed by University Advancement.

Payment of invoices can be made via an Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT), online AR secure credit card portal or a mailed in cheque. When making payment, please ensure the invoice number is referenced. If required, bank details can be provided to the client when requested. More information for remitting a payment can be found on our deposits page.

Requesting departments

Accounts Receivable

  • Verify charges are billed to the client with address, contact name, contract number, purchase order number and other identifying elements.
  • Submit  (PDF file) Accounts Receivable Invoice Requisition Form in PDF format along with back up documentation to
  • Promptly forward payments to Financial Services for processing if payment was sent directly to the department by the client. 
  • Address any customer issues related to the original billing or the goods or services provided.
  • Understand that unpaid or unresolved outstanding invoices over 365 days will be automatically written off in the financial system and debited to the original billing department’s account.
  • Ensure all revenue from billings are credited to the originating department upon issue of the invoice.
  • Email invoices from directly to the client, unless otherwise specified by the billing department.
  • Relay any customer issues to the billing department for resolution.
  • Provide monthly statements and notices of outstanding invoices directly to customers, unless otherwise specified by the billing department.
  • Provide monthly aging accounts receivable reports to billing departments. 
  • Communicate with all external clients with balances over 30 days past due.
  • Work with the requesting department on the resolution of outstanding invoices and provide collection activity where necessary.


If you have any questions, please contact Accounts Receivable directly at