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Purchasing & Payment

Guided by principles of responsible spending through strategic engagement, Purchasing and Payment Services provides expertise to guide you through the procure-to-pay cycle. We provide:

  • strategic procurement advice for purchases
  • a process for making purchases
  • a process for selecting goods or services
  • payment advice

Five tips to expedite purchasing and payments

TMU strives for openness, fairness and transparency in our procurement processes and timeliness in our invoice payments. Here are five tips to expedite the purchasing and payment process:

  1. Use TMU’s pre-qualified vendors for pre-negotiated pricing and a shorter processing time. Check out our vendors of record.
  2. For purchases less than $5,000, use the TMU Purchasing Card (P-Card) for faster processing.
  3. For low-dollar purchases where a P-Card is not accepted, enter your invoice into self-service invoicing on the Invoice Approval System (opens in new window)  and submit it for approval and payment. Learn more about self-service invoicing.
  4. Make a point to share purchase order (PO) numbers with vendors and ensure invoices reference the PO number too.
  5. Plan ahead and allow sufficient time to complete your purchasing and payment activities.

Before you purchase

If you purchase goods or services on behalf of TMU, you’re required to be familiar with the financial system and our Purchasing Policy and Procedure. To help you get started, we recommend starting with the following workshops:

  1. Introduction to Purchasing (iProcurement) workshop
  2. Purchasing Goods and Services workshop

Descriptions of both sessions can be found on the Workshop Catalogue page. To register for an upcoming session, visit the Learning Events Calendar.