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Vendors of Record & Common Purchases

Vendors of record are organizations pre-qualified to supply goods or services for a defined period, with fair and equitable pricing pre-negotiated for the university. We strongly recommended taking advantage of our partnerships.

When multiple vendors supply the same goods or services, your vendor selection should be made in compliance with the university's Purchasing Policy and Purchasing Procedure.

Access a list of vendors of record and common purchases

Employees can access a document with contact information for TMU’s vendors of record and common purchases by clicking the button below.

Becoming a vendor of record

TMU strives for openness, fairness and transparency in our procurement processes where goods and services are procured in a competitive environment.

In accordance with public policy and provincial requirements, all of the university’s competitive bid opportunities are posted to MERX (external link) , an electronic public sector tendering system that is accessible to all suppliers.