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Cheque Requisition Form: How To Use It

Before filling out the Cheque Requisition Form, please consider if you can expedite payment using one of two alternative payment methods, particularly if your spend with a vendor is less than $5,000 CAD.

  • If accepted by the vendor, using your TMU Purchasing Card (P-Card) can help fast-track shipment and payment. The purchase can then be reconciled in the expense claims and reimbursements system (iExpense).
  • If credit cards are not accepted by the vendor, you can use the invoice to process payment via a self-service invoice (SSI) entry on the Invoice Approval System (MarkView). Note this option requires completion of the self-service invoices workshop.

Please download and fill out the Cheque Requisition Form using Adobe Acrobat Reader.

The Cheque Requisition Form is best used for payments less than $5,000 CAD where an invoice is unavailable, or where the P-Card or SSI payment methods cannot be used. In some cases, the form is the only payment method available, including in instances of:

  • accountable advance requests payable to employees
  • reimbursements to non-employees
  • competition award payments that are not part of student financial assistance
  • honoraria payments not paid through HR
  • deposit or fee refunds
  • royalty payments
  • research fund transfers to other institutions

In some cases, the Cheque Requisition Form can be used even when the payment is more than $5,000 CAD. They include:

  • accountable advance requests payable to employees
  • competition award payments that are not part of student financial assistance
  • external donation or sponsorship payments
  • non-travel expense reimbursement claims for employees on term contract and non-employees without access to the expense claims and reimbursements system (iExpense)
  • fellowship stipend payments (note this differs from fellowship grant payments, which are paid through the eHR system)
  • honoraria payments not paid through HR
  • fund transfers to other public institutions
  • vendor invoice payments, with prior approval from Purchasing Services and Accounts Payable (note requestors will be asked to provide rationale for pursuing a cheque requisition for vendor invoices)

Please note in the following instances, an invoice number will be required to process your Cheque Requisition Form submission:

  • membership, subscription or registration fees and renewals
  • deposit or fee refunds (attach quotation/pro-forma)
  • royalty payments
  • external donation or sponsorship payments

The Cheque Requisition Form allows space to indicate if your purchase is subject to Ontario's provincial taxes. Including this detail helps prompt Financial Services to credit your department with any tax rebates your purchase receives.

If you’re unsure whether you paid tax on your purchase, please check the invoice issued by your vendor. Learn more about TMU’s HST rebate eligibility and how it works.

Before you submit, remember:

  • To substantiate the payment request, original invoices, receipts and related back-up documentation must be attached.
    • If you’ve listed multiple expenses in the form’s “expense allocations” section, please indicate on your receipts the expense item number it is substantiating.
  • A separate form is required for each payee as unique reference numbers help us track forms in the Financial Information System (FIS). New reference numbers are generated each time you click the form link. Please do not photocopy or reuse the same form.

Once you’ve completed your form and gathered documents, submit the package by:

When submitting a Cheque Requisition Form, you may opt to receive payment via electronic funds transfer (EFT) as opposed to a cheque. For a quicker and more secure payment method, we encourage all individuals and organizations to register for EFTs, particularly if you submit multiple requests for payment.

Please contact for EFT registration details.


Visit the Paying Vendors page for more on TMU's various forms of payment. If you have additional questions, please contact Payment Services.