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Purchasing Card

The TMU​ ​Purchasing​ ​Card​ ​(P-Card) ​program offers​ ​an​ ​efficient​ ​and convenient​ ​method of payment. It is the recommended means of payment for employees who make frequent low-dollar value purchases for goods, services and travel-related expenses.

P-Card uses

The​ ​P-Card​ can ​be​ ​used​ only ​for​ ​business​ ​expenses​ ​related​ ​to​ ​TMU​'s​ ​operational and​ ​research​ ​activities.​ Personal expenses are not to be charged to a TMU ​P-Card​.

All transactions​ ​are​ ​subject​ ​to​ ​audit and any​ ​inappropriate​ ​use​ may​ ​result​ ​in TMU suspending or revoking your ​cardholder​ ​privileges.​

P-Card benefits

With the P-Card, you’ll be able to:

  • streamline​ ​low​-​dollar​ ​purchasing processes ​by​ ​reducing​ ​the​ ​need​ ​for​ ​purchase​ ​requisitions and​ ​invoice​ ​processing
  • book travel efficiently
  • expedite​ ​payments directly ​to​ a​ ​vendor​, ​eliminating need for ​cheques or electronic funds transfer (EFT) ​payments
  • view your ​transactions​ ​directly​ in ​the​ ​​Financial​ Information ​System (FIS or Oracle) (opens in new window)  as soon as they’re posted
  • ​reconcile, submit for approval and clear transactions directly in the financial system, without having to manually key-in the details
  • reduce​ the ​need​ ​for​ ​employee​ ​travel​ ​expense​ ​reimbursements

Applying for and using the TMU P-Card

Please​ ​contact the P-Card administrator at to request an application.​ ​Financial Services​ ​conducts​ ​an​ ​eligibility​ ​review​ ​on​ ​all​ ​applications​ ​and​ reserves ​the​ ​right ​to​ ​reject applications​ ​based​ ​on​ ​results​ ​of​ ​the​ ​review.

There are ​three​ ​P-Card​ ​profiles you can request based on your purchasing needs:

  • purchases​ ​only​ ​(for ​goods​ ​and​ ​services,​ ​excluding​ ​consulting and professional services)
  • travel​ ​only
  • ​combination​ ​of​ purchases​ ​and​ travel

Upon vetting from Financial Services, your card will be set up with the profile requested.

Before you can receive your P-Card, you are ​required​ ​to​ complete two workshops:

Search for training dates and register for your session on the Learning Events Calendar.

Once training is complete, you’ll be contacted by the P-Card administrator to pick up your card in person from Financial Services. Please note that for security reasons, cards will only be given to the individual who the card is issued to. TMU or government-issued photo ID is required to pick up your card.

P-Card use: Common questions

It will take approximately two weeks upon receipt of the request.

To confirm your monthly and per-transaction limits, contact the P-Card administrator at

To update hierarchy changes, contact the Systems and Training unit at or 416-979-5000, ext. 552688.

Your P‐Card cannot be used for on-campus catering services. Catering can be paid for by way of a chargeback.

There are two major reasons for declined transactions:

  • the transaction is over the per‐transaction limit
  • the purchase is prohibited under TMU’s Purchasing Card Policy