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Required to Withdraw

Students who have been Required to Withdraw (RTW) from their Toronto Metropolitan University (TMU) undergraduate program may not formally return to their program (or transfer to another TMU undergraduate program) until 12 months have elapsed. During this 12-month period and prior to reinstatement, students may not enrol in any TMU credit courses (including credit courses through the Chang School) and no courses taken at another institution will be counted towards graduation requirements for a TMU degree program.

Alternatively, students who have been assigned an RTW standing may choose to participate in the Fresh Start program for reinstatement to their current program, or transfer to another program (where permitted).

Please note, if you received an RTW prior to winter 2011, you are not eligible for Fresh Start.

Fresh Start Program

The Fresh Start program is part of TMU's support strategy for students in academic jeopardy. Fresh Start is a two-term program designed to assist students in resuming their studies.

If you have been assigned an RTW academic standing, you may be eligible to participate in the Fresh Start Program after a one-semester suspension period.

For complete details, including program-specific participation criteria, please see the Fresh Start Program page.

Dates and Deadlines

For eligibility dates and application deadlines, please visit Fresh Start and Reinstatement Dates.

Reinstatement into Your Current Program

If you have been assigned an RTW academic standing and wish to be considered for reinstatement into your program after your twelve-month suspension period, but before six consecutive semesters (24 months) have elapsed, please complete the following steps.

  1. Confirm the Fresh Start and Reinstatement Dates to ensure that your application will be accepted.

  2. Complete the following form. There is no fee to submit the Request for Reinstatement Form.

  3. Submit the completed forms to your academic program advisor as soon as possible and by the reinstatement deadline. If you have any questions about these forms, please contact your program advisor.

  4. Reinstatement into your program is considered subject to past academic performance and space availability and is not guaranteed. You will be contacted by email by a program advisor once your application has been reviewed. The timeframe for this varies by program.

Approved for Reinstatement

If you are approved for reinstatement, when you resume your studies you will be on Probation. You will be required to sign a Probationary Contract that outlines your courses and recommended support services. 

While on Probation you must achieve a minimum term grade point average of 1.67 or higher or you will be assigned a Permanent Program Withdrawal standing. If this happens, you will not be allowed to complete your program. Successful completion of your Probationary Contract will allow you to continue on Probation (or Clear standing if a cumulative GPA of 1.67 or higher is achieved).

Not Approved for Reinstatement

If you are not approved to resume your studies, you will be formally withdrawn from your program. If faced with this result, please consult your RTW program advisor to help guide your through the available options. Workshops to help support your academic goals are also available through the Centre for Student Development and Counselling.

If you wish to apply for reinstatement after six semesters or more have passed since your RTW term, you must apply using a TMU Application. Applications will be considered subject to past academic performance, space availability and competition, as well as admission deadline dates and procedures determined by Undergraduate Admissions.

Transfer to a New Program After RTW

If you have been assigned an RTW academic standing, and you do not wish to return to your program of study after your 12-month suspension period, you may wish to discuss transferring to another TMU program with an advisor from Undergraduate Admissions at the ServiceHub.

To be considered for admission to another program, you must apply using the TMU Application Form available on the Applications and Related Forms page. The Center for Student Development and Counselling is also available to help you find workshops to support your academic goals.