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What is Student Wellbeing?

Student Wellbeing encompasses a variety of health, wellbeing, and academic services and supports at Toronto Metropolitan University (TMU) that reflect on a university community that is fully committed and engaged in developing and sustaining supportive environments that foster wellbeing and academic success. 

Academic Accommodation Support

Academic Accommodation Support (AAS) supports students with disabilities at TMU. AAS works with students to create and implement individualized academic accommodation plans so students can more fully participate in their studies.

Health Promotion Programs

The Health Promotion Programs division is dedicated to promoting the health and wellbeing of students by providing current and relevant health information, working with students and staff to develop a healthy community, and ensuring high quality health information and support.

Test Centre

The Test Centre facilitates make-up tests and exams on behalf of TMU faculty and facilitates tests and exams with accommodation for students who are registered for Academic Accommodation Support.

Centre for Student Development & Counselling

The CSDC offers free, confidential counselling services in a professional and friendly environment. Services are provided by our team of psychologists, social workers, psychotherapists and counselling interns.

Medical Centre

The Medical Centre aims to promote a healthy environment for work and study by offering quality health services to current students, staff and faculty, such as physicals, mental health assessments, assessments for common medical problems, immunizations, and medical certificates.


ThriveTMU provides training and resources to students, faculty and staff in order to teach the skills associated with resilience, well-being and thriving in both an academic and personal context.