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You Are Not Alone

Consent Comes First (CCF) provides free, confidential, trauma-informed, healing-centred support to Toronto Metropolitan students affected by sexual violence and other forms of gender-based violence. We create opportunities for people affected by violence to cultivate safety, healing and leadership on their own terms. With campus partners and the broader community, CCF provides education, programming and advocacy to foster a world free from gender-based violence.  Contact us to learn more at

If you are a TMU staff or faculty member seeking support, don't hesitate to contact Workplace Wellbeing Services at    

It's important to note that Consent Comes First does not manage campus safety; please connect with Community Safety and Security (opens in new window)  for immediate support or call 911 if you are in crisis. 

Consent Comes First also does not manage investigations; please contact Human Rights Services directly to make a report. Please see our reporting webpage to learn more about internal and external reporting processes. (opens in new window) 

You are not alone. Contact us

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Office: KHW 279

What Is Sexual Violence?

Any sexual act or act targeting a person’s sexuality, gender identity or gender expression. The act can be physical or psychological in nature, as long as it is committed, threatened or attempted against a person without the person’s consent. Learn more in Toronto Metropolitan's Sexual Violence Policy.

This includes, but is not limited to:

  • sexual assault and/or sexual harassment
  • stalking
  • indecent exposure
  • voyeurism
  • sexual exploitation
  • degrading sexual imagery
  • distribution of sexual images or video of a community member without their consent
  • cyber harassment or cyber stalking of a sexual nature
A Gender-based Violence Pyramid, with five levels, which demonstrates how gender-based violence manifests.

Gender-based Violence Pyramid

This is a starting point, not an exhaustive list, to understand how gender-based violence manifests.

Top Level: Murder and/or Genocide 

Second Level: Rape, Sexual Assault, Physical, Emotional, Financial Abuse, Technology Facilitated Violence, Forced Marriage, Female Genital Mutilation, Virginity Test, Spiritual Abuse, Child Abuse, Elder Abuse, Medical Abuse, Stalking

Third Level: Harassment, Threats, Verbal Abuse, Objectification, Isolation

Fourth Level: Traditional Gender Roles, Glass Ceiling, Stereotypes, Oppressive Policies, Stereotypes, Institutional Discrimination, State Violence

Bottom Level: Capitalism, White Supremacy, Colonization, Patriarchy, Racism, Heterosexism, Ableism, Sizeism, Cissexism, Transmisogyny, Ageism, Classism, Anti-Black Racism, Patriarchy, Xenophobia