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Contact us to explore your education needs. We want to work with you.

Consent Comes First works with individuals, groups and departments at Toronto Metropolitan to strengthen skills and build tools to address sexual violence and gender-based violence. We work with the campus community to create programming, outreach, events, training, workshops and leadership development. Our educational strategy is centred on equity, prevention, and healing. Education is key to creating safer learning and work environments. Please note we do not provide workshops to external community groups. Our education programmings include:

  • Interactive, intersectional and trauma-informed workshops, keynotes and training. Learn more below and book us at
  • E-learning modules about consent for both students and employees. Learn more here.
  • TakeCareTMU, our bystander intervention program. Learn more here
  • Consensual Event: a educational program for creating events centred on consent. Learn more here.
  • Podcast for Survivors and Allies: Healing Comes in Waves.
  • TMU Reads a collaborative reading program. Learn more here. 
  • Begin By Listening: Student Forum on Ending Sexual Violence. Learn more here.
  • Consent Action Week(s): twice annually held, consent action week is a time to raise awareness and dream ways to build consent on campus. Learn more here.
  • 16 Days of Activism Against Gender-Based Violence. Learn more here. 
“I really liked the discussion on consent, was in-depth and established significant connections to broader systems of oppression."


Training and Workshops

Consent Comes First provides free, intersectional, customized training, workshops, consultation and campaigns for all members of the Toronto Metropolitan community, including students, staff and faculty.  Email us to connect about training for your program 

We work with campus partners to 

  • Adapt sessions to meet the needs of your community. 
  • Identify ways to embed the education opportunity into existing programs or curricula.
  • Determine the best ways to deliver educational opportunities to your community. 

In addition to the standard education sessions listed below, we can design customized educational opportunities to help you achieve your desired learning outcomes.  Our workshops have five key learning outcomes: building community, empathy, leadership, community care and equity skills. 


“I liked the scenarios of clear actions to take. I especially appreciated the centring of social location and how oppression interacts with our experience of violence and also how we intervene/respond as community members.”