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How to Apply for Scholarships and Awards

We recommend you apply early for awards so you have the most up-to-date financial information when you confirm your program of study.
  1. Go to (external link) .
  2. Click “Sign In with Your School Account.”
  3. Log in with your TMU username and password.
  4. Click “Start Application” to complete the general application and add in all your personal information, including the budget form for financial need based awards. 
  5. Submit your application.
  6. Review your Dashboard for award opportunities that you qualify for and click "Complete Follow-Up."
  7. Answer any questions that are required for the specific award you selected.
  8. Upload any additional documents (i.e reference letter, transcript. etc.) that the award requires. 
  9. Submit your answers and any additional requirements. Once submitted, you may go back and edit any part of the application. 
  10. Wait to hear via email if you have been selected to be a recipient for the award, scholarship, or bursary!