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In April 2022, Ryerson University changed its name to Toronto Metropolitan University, which will be implemented in a phased approach. You will see the Ryerson name across campus, online and in our official communications for a period of time. Learn more about our next chapter.


Undergraduate, Graduate and Law Students

Spring/Summer 2022 Tests and Final Exams

 Midterm and final exams: Check your course outline, D2L course shell or with your instructor regarding exam times and format.

 Fall 2022 final exams period is December 7 – 18, including Saturday and Sunday. The final exam schedule will be posted approximately one month before the final exam period.

Law students should check with their department regarding assessments.

A female student sits alone at a table. She is writing on a piece of paper on the table while also holding open a book. Another student can be seen sitting at a different table in the background.

Exam Schedules

Please check your course outline, D2L course shell or with your instructor regarding exam times and format.

Below you will find important information to help set you up for success.

Remember that taking care of your physical and mental well-being leads to more effective studying and learning. There are a number of virtual support options available.

Important Notes

  • You can find frequently asked questions about classes, exams and research on the Students COVID-19 Information and Updates website.
  • It is your responsibility for ensuring you are aware of the format and timing of your assessment. Please check your course outline, D2L course shell or with your instructor.

General Information

Students registered at academic accommodation support can find details on the Test Centre website.

Any behaviour that undermines the university's ability to evaluate fairly students' academic achievements, or any behaviour that a student knew, or reasonably ought to have known, could gain them or others unearned academic advantage or benefit, counts as academic misconduct (Policy 60: Academic Integrity). The range of penalties include a grade reduction, up to and including a zero on the exam, an “F” in the course and/or suspension/withdrawal/expulsion from the University. All findings of academic misconduct will include a Disciplinary Notation on your internal academic record. You are responsible for being familiar with the PDF fileAcademic Integrity Policy. For more information, please visit the Academic Integrity Office website.  If you are unsure how these policies apply to your exam, please contact your Professor or the Academic Integrity Office (AIO) at as soon as possible.

Guidelines for proper conduct in exams and penalties for misconduct are listed in the PDF fileFinal Examination Policy, PDF fileAcademic Integrity Policy, and the PDF fileStudent Code of Non-Academic Conduct. It is your responsibility to read and understand them. See below for specific exam procedures.

See the Student Guide for more information about conflicts and overloads.

If you have issues logging in to D2L, contact the CCS Help Desk.

If you have any issues during the exam (for example, accessing or submitting the exam), contact your professor.

Chang School exams are supported by

If you are enrolled in any evening sections (701E, 711E, etc.) or Chang School sections and the class is not listed on this Examination Schedule, you should confirm the exam date, time and room with your instructor.

Chang School, opens in new window mid-term assessments will be listed in your course outline; final exams are usually held during the last class or on a Saturday.

Check with your instructor for any specific exam procedures, special formats, or approved aids.

Note: Identification requirements have changed temporarily for remote and in-person exams.


  • Use your OneCard to identify yourself, if you have obtained one.
  • As an exception to exam policy, while we are in a remote environment and OneCards are not being regularly issued, if you do not have a OneCard, government-issued ID can be used, showing only your photo and name (you can cover all other information on the card). Acceptable identification can be found on the OneCard Office website.
  • Students writing in-person exams require a OneCard. 
  • If you are wearing a mask, you will be asked to briefly remove your mask to verify your identity.  Students wearing a religious facial covering can see the Examinations Policy for other options.
  • Students who do not have the required identification may not be permitted to write the exam.

Students can request remote make-up tests via the Make Up Test Centre.

Students registered with Academic Accommodation Support (AAS) can schedule an accommodated make-up, through Academic Accommodations Support Online Services, opens in new window.

Check your course outline, D2L course shell, or with your instructor for details about your assessments, including any assignments or exams.

See the Student Guide Examinations page regarding academic consideration requests if you miss an exam due to extenuating circumstances.

You can find more information on the Student FAQs website.

Writing your first online exam can be a new experience, but a few simple steps before the exam can help set you up for success.

If you have concerns, check the Student FAQs and raise your concerns with your instructor as soon as possible.

Here is a checklist of things you can do in advance of online exams:

  • Check your computer is working and can access the internet.
  • Check your browser is functioning correctly. For exams delivered in D2L, visit the "Check your system" page
  • Make sure you can log on to, opens in new window and access your course shell in D2L. You should know:
    • your username and password
    • your two-factor authentication is working
    • which course shell you will be using for the exam
  • Want to try a practice quiz on D2L Brightspace? Or maybe just test your knowledge about cats and look at pictures of kittens? You can enrol yourself into a sample course, and take a practice quiz that will definitely not count towards your GPA!

Virtual Proctoring

For detailed information, see the Human Rights Services website.

Exam Disruption/Re-Schedule Policy and Procedure

If an examination is cancelled and rescheduled, please check this website or call our main phone line at 416-979-5000 to find out the new time and location.

Final examinations for courses offered through The Chang School are held in the last class of the semester. All exams will be online for fall 2021. Chang School students are expected to be familiar with and comply with all Toronto Metropolitan University PDF fileexamination policies and procedures, including presentation of photo identification, academic integrity standards, and the PDF fileStudent Code of Conduct.

 Proudly part of the Office of the Registrar

Every member of the university community is a part of the Office of the Registrar (RO). We support the entire academic experience of the student body, from admission through to graduation.

To view information about important school-wide services, please visit the university's COVID-19 page. If you are a current student and would like to reach us at the ServiceHub, please visit our ServiceHub Contact page.