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Course Enrolment

Course enrolment is the process of selecting courses that you plan to take over the upcoming academic terms and adding them to your schedule in MyServiceHub. This process takes place in two parts.

Part 1: Course Intentions

A mandatory process where you select the courses you wish to take in the upcoming academic year.

Part 2: Course Enrolment

The period of time at the start of each term where you can adjust your schedule by adding, dropping and swapping classes.

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Enrolment Dates

The course enrolment period takes place after your undergraduate course schedules are released in your Student Center in MyServiceHub. This schedule release typically happens in early August for the fall term and late November for the winter term.

The course enrolment period begins in mid-August for the fall, and late December for winter. During this period, you can adjust your course schedule by adding, dropping and swapping classes. Your enrolment period for each term starts on your enrolment appointment date, which is assigned by year-level and program, and extends through until the last day to add courses for the term (usually around the second week of class). If you are a returning student who did not complete course intentions, your enrolment will start on the first day of the open enrolment period.

If you are a first-year student, you may be automatically enrolled into your required first-year courses in early August. During your enrolment period in August and September, you will be required to enrol into your fall and winter term elective courses, and you may adjust your fall course schedule. Visit New Students for more information.

 Significant Dates

Priority enrolment start dates are confirmed in your Student Center in MyServiceHub.

You can also find more details in the Undergraduate Calendar.

Fall 2023 Enrolment

Current students must select course intentions for fall 2023 and winter 2024 terms during the upcoming course intention period in order to be assigned a priority enrolment appointment.

If you do not participate in course intentions, you can enrol starting on the first day of the Open Enrolment Period listed below.

Priority Enrolment Dates

Priority Enrolment Appointments begin on the date specified below and continue until the last day in the Open Enrolment Period.

Full-Time Undergraduate Students
Fourth-Year Students Begins Friday, August 11, 2023 at
6 a.m.
Third-Year Students Begins Monday, August 14, 2023 at
6 a.m.
Second-Year Students Begins Wednesday, August 16, 2023 at
6 a.m.
First-Year Students
Begins Tuesday, August 8, 2023 at
6 a.m.
Part-Time Undergraduate Students
All Part-Time Programs

 Excludes Part-Time Business Management and Business Technology Management Students

Begins Monday, August 14, 2023 at 6 a.m.

Part-Time Business Management and Business Technology Management Students

Begins Monday, August 21, 2023 at 6 a.m.

Fall 2023 Open Enrolment Period

All undergraduate classes

Monday, August 21, 2023 to Friday, September 15, 2023

Change Your Course Schedule

Your class schedule is released before the start of the term (early August for the fall term and late November for the winter term). You may view your schedule on MyServiceHub by selecting Manage Classes, and then View My Classes or My Weekly Schedule.

As undergraduate course schedules are built for you, you may not be satisfied with the class sections and times into which you have been enrolled. You can adjust your course schedules during your course enrolment period.

While every effort is taken to enrol you into all your completed course intention selections, there may be times when selections cannot be accommodated. To see a list of possible schedule issues and errors, please visit the Course Intentions page.

Preview of the TMU Visual Schedule Builder showing selected classes.

Visual Schedule Builder (VSB)

The Visual Schedule Builder (VSB) is an online self-service tool, available through MyServiceHub, that enables you to generate possible schedules based on your course choices.

Pin courses with preferred times, block time slots and drag and drop courses directly into your schedule. Then enrol into your entire schedule in one easy step!

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MyServiceHub Enrolment Functions

You can enrol into and adjust courses directly through MyServiceHub:

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Enrol into Continuing Education Courses

If you’re an undergraduate student, you can use MyServiceHub to enrol into courses through the Chang School of Continuing Education (opens in new window)  that will apply toward your undergraduate degree requirements.

Details on how to search, enrol, drop and swap Continuing Education courses can be found on the MyServiceHub Support website.

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Course Wait List

Course wait lists are available for some courses. They allow you to place yourself in queue for a space in a class that is currently full. When you are in the first position and a space becomes available, the Wait List feature will attempt to enrol you. Notification of this enrolment transaction will be sent to your university email account.

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Audit a Course

Auditing a course allows you to attend lectures and learn the subject, without participating in assessments or earning academic credit.

Audited courses are not eligible for financial assistance. On your transcript, the “AUD” designation will display as the final grade. These courses are not included in your GPA or Academic Standing calculations. 

You need to get permission in advance from the teaching department to audit a course. Follow the instructions on the  (PDF file) Course Audit Form and submit your request by the published enrolment deadlines in the Significant Dates.

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Transfer Credits

If you are a transfer student, please apply for transfer credits as soon as possible since granted transfer credits may impact your course enrolment. If you’ve already received transfer credits, or are transferring from another Toronto Metropolitan University program (undergraduate or Continuing Education), you may need to adjust your course enrolments and intentions.

Questions about course selections and replacements can be directed to your program department.

After Enrolling

Once you have completed building and reviewing your schedule, be sure to formally submit and confirm your courses. You can do this in MyServiceHub by selecting Manage Classes, and then View My Classes or My Weekly Schedule.

OSAP Students

As part of your OSAP application process, your enrolments are confirmed to ensure the course load reported on your OSAP application matches your course enrolments and intentions on MyServiceHub.

To avoid delays confirming enrolment and releasing funding, it is important that your course loads match:

Tuition and fees are charged based on your course enrolments, and can be confirmed on your MyServiceHub student account. As fees are based on course enrolments, the fees balance posted on your MyServiceHub account may change if your course enrolments are adjusted.

Visit How to Pay Your Fees for information on how to pay your tuition fees through online banking.

See Significant Dates in the Undergraduate Calendar for undergraduate tuition deadlines by term.

Continuing Education Course Fees

Course fees for Chang School courses may differ from undergraduate course fees. If you are enrolling into a combination of undergraduate and Chang School courses you may find that fees are higher than if they were taken as undergraduate courses.

If you’re enrolling into Chang School courses, your fees are due at the time of enrolment. Payment should be made through online banking right after enrolling.

Undergraduate course deadlines are confirmed in Significant Dates section of the Undergraduate Calendar. These include the last date to drop a course:

  • for a full refund
  • for a 50% refund
  • in good academic standing (with no refund)

Note that dropping courses with a full or partial refund may not impact your fees if your course load stays within five to seven fee units.

Continuing Education courses have different deadlines, fees and enrolment procedures than courses taken through your undergraduate program.

  • Full-time undergraduate students enrolling into Continuing Education courses are advised to follow the Chang School Important Dates (opens in new window)  and payment deadlines
  • Part-time undergraduate students enrolling into Continuing Education courses that apply toward program requirements are advised to follow the undergraduate payment procedures and deadlines in the Undergraduate Calendar

Enrolment Help and Resources

To complete your course enrolments you must understand your program curriculum and determine which classes you want to enrol into. Course planning can be overwhelming — to help you with this process, there are supports and online tools available.

 Undergraduate Calendar

The Undergraduate Calendar is your official source for Toronto Metropolitan University program and course information, degree requirements, academic information and policies, and significant dates.

 Continuing Education Important Dates

The Chang School Important Dates (opens in new window)  page provides information on upcoming enrolment dates and deadlines for students completing Continuing Education courses.

 MyServiceHub Advisement Report

The Advisement Report is a tool in MyServiceHub for undergraduate students. It shows all the courses you have taken so far, courses you are currently enrolled in, and courses you still need to take in order to graduate.

 Search for My Classes Offered

Use the Search by My Classes Offered feature in MyServiceHub to search and select courses in your program being offered for the term. You can use this feature with the Visual Schedule Builder to enrol into them during the course enrolment periods.

 Program Department

Your program department contact is available to support you with course selection and enrolment. Many departments share detailed enrolment information through emails, workshops and on your program website.

 Curriculum Advising

Curriculum Advising provides support and services for students enrolled in an undergraduate degree and the Chang School of Continuing Education certificate programs. Review curriculum requirements, exceptions, and learn about what you need to graduate.

 Proudly part of the Office of the Registrar

Every member of the university community is a part of the Office of the Registrar (RO). We support the entire academic experience of the student body, from admission through to graduation.