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Visual Schedule Builder

The Visual Schedule Builder (VSB) is an online self-service tool in the Student Center in MyServiceHub. It enables undergraduate students to create their optimal class schedule.

Any classes that you enrol in or drop in VSB will be reflected in your class schedule. Like all other enrolments at Toronto Metropolitan University (TMU), when you enrol in courses using Visual Schedule Builder, you will be both academically and financially responsible for the courses. All TMU policies and procedures apply, including abiding by the add/drop/withdraw deadline dates in the Significant Dates in the University Calendar.

At this time, only undergraduate classes are available in VSB.

Continuing Education students: You will be able to view your Chang School course enrolments through the VSB. However, changes to these class enrolments must be completed through the Student Center in MyServiceHub.

What You Can Do with the VSB

  • Search for courses
  • View course details
  • Pin preferred classes 
  • Block time slots to accommodate part-time jobs and other personal commitments
  • Create and view multiple schedule variations 
  • Select your favourite schedule
  • Process all schedule changes at one time
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The VSB is a scheduling tool and cannot be used for course intention selections. Course intentions are placeholders used for planning purposes and do not have a scheduled date or time yet.

Navigating the VSB

Accessing the VSB

You can access the VSB during the enrolment periods for each semester. This includes primary enrolment appointment periods and Open Enrolment periods, with the exception of recurring and scheduled maintenance periods for MyServiceHub. Please see Significant Dates for specific enrolment period dates.

Searching for Courses

In the Search bar, you are able to search for a course by course code, course title or instructor.

After searching for a course through the Add Courses section, the date and time of the class will appear on the calendar under the Results section. The location of the class will also appear in the Results section under each respective class.

All associated course components, including labs and tutorials display in the VSB. The class information refreshes every 30 seconds or less to ensure you have all the information you need to make timely decisions on your schedule.

 VSB: The Basics

Course Enrolment Details

As you get started using the VSB, please remember that you are responsible as a student for ensuring that you are eligible for any course you enroll in or swap into. Please note that you can only enrol or swap into a class if you have the requisites or meet other eligibility requirements.

You can enrol/drop undergraduate classes directly from the VSB, which will be automatically reflected in your MyServiceHub schedule. Please review the enrol/drop actions in the VSB before completing the transaction.

The Visual Schedule Builder enables you to import courses from your Advisement Report using the Search by My Classes Offered functionality directly into this tool. This is the recommended option to enrol in courses during the enrolment period each term.

You can import courses from your Course Queue directly into VSB and create your schedule. This allows you to create your schedule based on the course requirements for your program of study.

Please note that this feature uses a filtered version of your Advisement Report, which shows only courses you have completed and classes offered to your program and plan in the term you have selected.

You will still be required to select courses that fulfill the curriculum requirements for your degree.

 VSB: Building your Schedule with My Classes Offered

Viewing Schedule Results

Based on the courses you have selected, your schedule options will display on the right side of the screen in the results panel.

Refining your Schedule Results

Pinning Classes

When you find a class section you want to keep, you can click it to pin it down. The list will include only the schedule options with your pins.

Clicking on a class again removes the pin. The list will then be repopulated with updated schedule options.

When a class is unpinned, this may provide more possible schedule results to display searched classes during the day and time of the unpinned class.

 VSB: Optimizing your Schedule 

Blocking Off Time

To block off time slots, click and drag the times that you would like to block from your class schedule. The time slot will become grey to show you are busy. To remove the blocked-off time slot, click on the grey area for the time slot that you no longer want to block. The blocked-off time slot will be removed to show you are available.

After time slots have been blocked, the VSB reorders the schedule options to display the options that work best with your time constraints at the beginning of the list. All possible schedule options will remain displayed to ensure you have all the information available to make an informed decision.

Filter Results

To narrow down the results based on your preferences, there are filters at the top right corner of the VSB Results section. You can filter by full classes, online classes, and on-campus classes.

Preference Sort

To organize your generated results, there are sort preferences at the top right corner of the VSB Results section.

If a sort preference is selected, it may change the sequence of Generated Results shown to display the preference at the beginning of the list.

Sort preference options:

  • None
  • Most days off
  • Morning classes
  • Mid-day classes
  • Evening classes
  • Time off campus
  • Most on-campus


VSB has an Add to Favorites function that you can use to save up to nine of your favourite schedules.

Saving a favourite class schedule in VSB will not reserve a seat in any classes. This function allows you to refer back to your favourite class schedules and check the availability of those classes without starting from scratch. Students are strongly encouraged to complete their enrolments as soon as possible.

To customize the name of your favourite schedule, click on the pencil icon and type in the text field.

Students are strongly encouraged to complete their enrolments as soon as possible. 

Enrolment into classes is on a first-come, first-served basis and a class that was available when you were creating your schedule in VSB might be full by the time you are ready to enrol.

Selecting Your Preferred Schedule

Once you've found your preferred schedule, you can finalize your schedule changes by clicking the Get this Schedule button at the bottom of the VSB page.

Complete the process by selecting Do Actions. Make sure you review your enrolment transactions and messages to ensure your changes were successful.

You can print your schedule from the VSB by clicking the Print Schedule link in the top left corner of the Results section.

 VSB: Finalizing your Schedule

Can I search for classes during a filled time slot?

Yes, you can unpin an enrolled class in your VSB and search for another course during that same time slot. The results section will display alternative schedule options.

Can I use VSB for Course Intention course selection?

Course intentions are placeholders used for planning purposes. They do not have a scheduled date or time associated with them and cannot be completed in VSB.

Will adding a schedule to my Favourite Schedules reserve a seat in these classes?

Selecting Add to Cart in VSB does not reserve a seat in any of the classes. It will only add the classes to your Shopping Cart so you can enrol later.

What can I do if I am presented with too many schedule options?

If you have too many schedule possibilities while selecting courses, you can reduce the number of enabled classes or pin some classes before adding more.

Why am I not seeing any scheduled results?

It may be possible that when you try to view your potential schedules, there are no results. This may be because there is a time conflict between the courses you added. You can try unpinning your classes or removing filters/preferences to see if more schedule options become available to you.

Can I use VSB on a mobile device?

While VSB is accessible on a mobile device, it is recommended that a computer be used for ease of navigation.