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In April 2022, Ryerson University changed its name to Toronto Metropolitan University, which will be implemented in a phased approach. You will see the Ryerson name across campus, online and in our official communications for a period of time. Learn more about our next chapter.

Tuition and Fees

Two students studying together at the Digital Media Experience Lab in the SLC. One student is showing the other something on her notebook.

Ryerson assesses fees each term based on your enrolled courses, academic program, year level, and immigration/residency status. Undergraduate and graduate fees are due by the payment deadline at the beginning of the semester, while Chang School fees are due at the time of course enrolment. See the Significant Dates page for all applicable deadlines.

Fees are comprised of tuition and ancillary fees, and represent your contribution toward the direct and indirect costs of services, supports and resources that support the completion of your studies.

  • Tuition fees finance instructional and academic program delivery costs, and general operating costs of the university.
  • Ancillary fees support programs, services and facilities that are distinct from academic programming, such as support services, athletics, clubs, unions and more.

 Additional fees may be assessed if you opt to live in student residence, purchase a meal plan or access additional services that are not covered by your tuition and ancillary fees. These fees contribute toward the service delivery or administrative costs of the services you receive.

See the university's COVID-19 Information and Updates for information on how the current COVID-19 situation has impacted fees and funding options.

For the 2021/2022 academic year, fees for full-time undergraduate programs for Canadian citizens and permanent residents range from $7,032 to $11,140, and fees for international students range from $29,945 to $38,457.


Domestic Fee Rate

International Fee Rate


$7,035 - $7,103

$30,010 - $30,413

Community Services

$7,082 - $7,573

$29,945 - $31,432

Engineering and Architectural Science

$10,326 - $11,140

$31,772 - $38,457


$7,032 - $9,562

$30,008 - $30,421

Ted Rogers School of Management

$9,286 - $9,526

$31,856 - $34,955

The Creative School

$7,087 - $7,805

$30,013 - $31,003

The fee ranges above are based on enrolment in 100% course load, or five to seven billing units. One billing unit is generally equal to one course enrolment. 

  • Five to seven billing units are assessed the same fees.
  • Four or more billing units is considered full time enrolment at Ryerson.

See Undergraduate Tuition and Fees for a full breakdown of fees by program, year level, enrolments (billing units), and fee category. 

Graduate fees are charged by semester and vary if you are in a full-time or a part-time program, and if you are a domestic or international student. See Graduate Tuition and Fees for a full breakdown of graduate fees by program.

Chang School courses are billed by course, and fees are assessed and due at the time of enrolment.

Full-time undergraduate degree students should be aware that Chang School course enrolments are billed in addition to undergraduate fees and follow the Chang School course drop refund deadlines, opens in new window. Fees are due at the time of enrolment, and can be paid through online banking. Late fees will be assessed at the beginning of the next month. For more details on how to pay through online banking, visit the How to Pay Your Fees page.

Fees for part-time undergraduate degree students enrolling into Chang School courses that apply toward program requirements are assessed based on billing units and are due on the undergraduate tuition payment deadline at the start of the term.

Fees for Chang School students must be paid in full at the time of enrolment.

All tuition, ancillary fee, student residence and meal plan charges are reflected on your RAMSS account. Account Summary, on your Student Center on RAMSS, displays your current fee balance: 

  • A positive balance indicates that you owe fees.
  • A negative balance indicates that you have a credit.
The Account Summary screen on RAMSS displaying total account balance.

To view details on your account, click on the Account Inquiry link on your Student Center on RAMSS. Here you can confirm:

  • Charges due
  • Detailed breakdown of charges
  • Detailed breakdown of your course enrolments and billing units
  • Payments made to your account

A number of account statements can also be accessed via RAMSS, including:

An official Proof of Enrolment Letter can also be requested via the Request a Letter link on your Student Center on RAMSS, and can be used to confirm your enrolments in order to access your RESP and other funding sources.

If you drop your course you may receive a full or partial credit based on the applicable drop deadlines.

Undergraduate and graduate students may not receive a credit for dropped courses as fees are assessed based on billing units. See Undergraduate Fees or Graduate Fees above for more information.

Disputes of charges are only considered through the Fee Appeal Process, and are considered on the basis of medical, compassionate and/or procedural grounds.


Students with a credit balance on their RAMSS account, will in some cases have their refunds processed automatically. If your refund is not processed automatically, you can request a refund by clicking on the Request a Refund link on your Student Center on RAMSS.

  • Refund requests are processed within five business days.
  • If you have received OSAP funding, bursaries or other awards, your refund request will be assessed by Student Financial Assistance to confirm refund eligibility.
  • Once the refund request has been processed, your account balance on RAMSS will be adjusted. 

If the refund is for a payment made online using a credit card (e.g. Chang School course enrolment), the refund will be issued back to the credit card.  

  • It can take up to five business days from the date your refund was processed to see your refund reflected on your credit card statement.

All other refunds are issued by cheque, including for payments made through online banking or by credit card in-person at the ServiceHub.

  • Refund cheques are mailed to the mailing address on file on your RAMSS account.  Confirm, and if necessary, update your mailing address on RAMSS before requesting your refund.
  • It can take up to thirty business days from the date your refund was processed to receive your refund cheque in the mail.

Tuition and fees will be posted on your RAMSS student account for the fall term in early August and for the winter term in late September. As fees are based on course enrolment and/or course intentions, your posted fees may change if your course enrolments and/or intentions are adjusted.

Chang School courses are posted and are due upon enrolment. Please review the Chang School website, opens in new window for information on how to pay tuition fees and the Chang School Calendar of Significant Dates, opens in new window

Visit How to Pay Your Fees for information on how to pay your tuition and fees and the Undergraduate Calendar Significant Dates for payment deadlines.

The RSU Health and Dental Plan , external link, opens in new windowis assessed for all full-time undergraduate and graduate students. If you have alternative health coverage, you may opt out directly with RSU by the applicable deadlines.

The CESAR Health and Dental Plan, external link, opens in new window is assessed for all part-time undergraduate students. If you have alternative health coverage, you may opt out directly with CESAR by the applicable deadlines.

The RGSU Health and Dental Plan is assessed for all full-time graduate program students. If you have alternative health coverage, you may opt out directly with RGSU by the applicable deadlines.

Students who must take a reduced course load due to their disability pay no more in tuition and applicable ancillary fees for completion of their program than a student without a disability completing the same program, as per the PDF fileEqualization of Tuition for Students with Disabilities Senate Policy #159.

Late Fees on outstanding account balances are charged monthly, on the third business day of the month. Monthly late fees are 1.25% (16.08% effective annual rate).


A hold will be applied to your account by Collections Services if your fees are 31 days or more past due.  

  • If you have a hold, it will be posted in the Holds section of your Student Center on RAMSS. If you click on the hold, you will see the details regarding the hold such as any impacts or restrictions that are applied until you clear the obligations related to the hold.
  • Holds restrict you from accessing certain services, such as enrolling in courses, requesting transcripts, viewing your grades.  

See the Collections Services website for additional information on the impacts of holds.

The Student Center screen on RAMSS. The Holds section is highlighted, showing an outstanding balance owed.

If you have a hold for overdue fees on your account (i.e. SF1, SF2 or COL), contact Collections Services at 416-979-5071 or A Collections Officer will be able to help you to advise you on impacts and help you to make payment arrangements.

Is the Collections Block/Fee Hold on your account related to COVID-19?

If there is a Collections Block/Fee Hold on your account that is attributable to COVID-19 (e.g. summer job impacted), and it is blocking your ability to enrol in courses, you may request to have the hold temporarily lifted. You will need to submit your request using the google formFee Hold Release Request Form, external link, opens in new window.

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