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Tuition and Fees Deadlines

Tuition and fees for undergraduate, graduate and law school programs are due by payment deadlines at the beginning of the semester. 

To make sure that your payment is received on time, pay in advance of the due date. Note that payment timelines vary by the payment type.

For information on payment methods and timelines, visit How to Pay Your Tuition and Fees.

Undergraduate, Graduate and Law Students

Student Type

Spring 2024

Fall 2024

Winter 2024


May 3, 2024

September 27, 2024

January 26, 2024


May 3, 2024

September 27, 2024

January 26, 2024


May 3, 2024

August 23, 2024

January 5, 2024

Chang School (opens in new window) 

Time of course enrolment

Time of course enrolment

Time of course enrolment

The fee payment deadlines for the English Language Pathway Programs may differ from the fees listed above. Please visit the English Language Institute website for details.

Chang School of Continuing Education

Full-time undergraduate, graduate and law students are able to enrol into Chang School courses through MyServiceHub without payment. However, please note that fee payments should be made immediately after enrolling through online banking or international payment options.

Part-time undergraduate fees for Chang School course enrolments are due by the undergraduate fee payment deadlines.

Late Fees

Late fees on outstanding account balances are charged monthly. This occurs on the third business day of the month. Monthly late fees are 1.25% (16.08% effective annual rate).

Students receiving OSAP:  It is your responsibility to apply for OSAP and submit required documentation early, so that your funds are received by TMU before the deadline. You must also pay any fees that are not covered by OSAP ahead of deadlines to avoid late fees.

 TMU Calendars

For all of TMU's deadline and date information, please visit the following calendars:

Account Holds

When fees are 31 days past due, an account hold is applied to your student account and restricts access to specific university services.

Account holds and the resulting restrictions can be confirmed on your Student Center on MyServiceHub. If fees remain unpaid, additional restrictions, including the ability to view grades and enrol into courses, are applied.

Payments made to your TMU account are applied to charges in the order of the date due. This means that the payments you make are applied to the most overdue charges first. Once the overdue fees are cleared, holds will be automatically removed the next business day.

If you have overdue fees or if you are struggling to make a payment, you are strongly advised to contact Collection Services to discuss your options.