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Student ID and Personal Information

To ensure the integrity of Toronto Metropolitan University (TMU) student records, all students must be associated with one TMU Student Number. This TMU Student Number encompasses all the student's academic history, class enrolments and financial information at the university. If you need to recover your TMU student number, please complete the  (google form) TMU Student Number Recovery Form (external link) .

To assist TMU in maintaining accurate records, students have the responsibility to ensure that the university is informed of any changes or corrections to their personal information. This information may include, but is not limited to the following:

  • First legal name or last legal name
  • Chosen first name
  • Home or mailing address
  • Email address
  • Phone numbers
  • Date of birth

You can review the personal information TMU has on file through the Student Center in your MyServiceHub account.

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Personal Information Updates

The Personal Data Change Form can be used to request updates on your TMU student record to:

  • Legal names
  • Date of birth
  • Gender identity

If you have received an email regarding validating your Ontario Education Number (OEN), you can also use this form to submit the requested documentation.

Note: Supporting documentation is required for legal name changes, and you must upload legible PDF copies of the supporting documents to submit the form. Please refer to the Legal Name Updates for Students section for acceptable documents.

Updates are made within five business days. If the change cannot be applied, you will be contacted by email with a request for additional information. You should check your MyServiceHub account five days after submitting your request to review the updated information for accuracy.

Updating Your Name

Legal Name

Your legal name is the official name on your student record and is used on all legal records and official university documents as outlined in Senate Policy 172: Student Names.

Your legal name in indicated in the Primary Name field on MyServiceHub, and is used for purposes such as:

  • Official documents including official transcripts and graduation award documents (parchments)
  • Tuition and fees account summary
  • Tax receipts (T4, T2022)
  • Proof of Enrolment and other official university letters
  • Confirmation of enrolment for financial aid purposes (i.e. OSAP)
  • Administrative pages in MyServiceHub

To make any changes to your legal name, you must submit a Personal Data Change Form and supporting documentation.

Chosen/Preferred Name

Your chosen/preferred first name is the name you would like to be referred to in the university community. If you applied to TMU through OUAC (the Ontario Universities’ Application Centre), you were given the option to enter your preferred/chosen name.

If you have provided a chosen/preferred first name, it will appear in the following places:

  • D2L Brightspace
  • Zoom display name 
  • Google Workspace display name (e.g. Google Meet, Gmail, Google Drive)
  • Class rosters and grade rosters
  • OneCard (effective fall 2022)

You can update your chosen/preferred first name on your student record through MyServiceHub. For more information, please visit the How to Update a Chosen/Preferred Name page.

  • No supporting documentation is required to update your chosen/preferred name. Updates must be submitted in good faith, and the university reserves the right to request further information or documentation to facilitate the use of a submitted name. 
  • There may be constraints around accepted characters in names based on system requirements.
  • If you are also a university employee, note that information from the Human Resources system may impact the display of your chosen/preferred name outside of MyServiceHub.
  • Updating your chosen/preferred first name will not change the name that appears on any official documents (such as official transcripts or graduation parchments).

Timing of Your Chosen/Preferred Name Change

Changes will be reflected in MyServiceHub immediately and should be reflected across other applicable systems such as D2L Brightspace, Zoom and Google Workspace within 24-48 hours.

We encourage you to make any changes before the start of the academic term. If you change your chosen/preferred name after classes begin, your instructors may not know to use your updated name unless you contact them directly.

Updating Your Address, Email Address or Phone Number

You can update your permanent home address, mailing address, personal email address and/or phone number at any time through your Student Center in MyServiceHub.

Other questions? Contact the ServiceHub.

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