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Personal Information

The Personal Information section of your Student Center shows your personal information on record at Toronto Metropolitan University (TMU). Some of this information can be changed and some cannot be changed.

Personal Information Quick-links

There are several quick-links in this section of MyServiceHub that you can use to update your personal information.

Names link highlighted on Personal Information section of MyServiceHub.


Use the Names option to inquire on the names on record at TMU. You may have different types of names on your record:

  • Primary: your legal name, used on all official documents
  • Preferred: your chosen/preferred name, used as your display name in D2L, shown to your instructors and used by TMU staff when corresponding with you
  • Former: the name used before a name change (e.g., maiden name)

There is a quick-link to update your preferred name type on your student record.

For all other name changes, you must follow the instructions on the Student ID and Personal Information page to complete and submit a Personal Data Change Form with appropriate documentation to substantiate the change.

Updating Personal Information in MyServiceHub

There are also quick-links for you to update your Contact Information.

Home Address, Mailing Address, Cellular Phone and Home Email quick links under MyServiceHub Contact Information.

Other Personal Drop-Down

You can also use the "other personal..." drop-down to add or change your addresses, email addresses or phone numbers.

'Other personal' drop-down menu option highlighted.

Just click an option and then click Forward arrow to go to it.