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Grade Designations Requiring Student Action

For details on the undergraduate grade scale and a complete list of undergraduate course performance designations and definitions, please see Additional Grading Categories in the Undergraduate Calendar: Grading, Promotion and Academic Standing.

There are some grade designations assigned by the teaching department that require students to take action. Refer to Policy 170(a): Undergraduate Course Grading, Academic Program Standing and Eligibility to Graduate for details and procedures.

Grade Designation Definition Process
INC (Incomplete)

An INC is a temporary grade that may be assigned by an instructor when incomplete coursework or a missed final examination is outstanding due to documented extenuating circumstances and there is a reasonable expectation that the student can and will complete the work according to the timelines specified.

  • The designation INC is not a final grade and is not included in calculating grade point averages or counted as credit to fulfill prerequisite requirements and program requirements
  • INC designations appear on the official transcript and academic record. An outstanding INC may impact eligibility to graduate
  • The completion date for the outstanding course work or the alternate examination must allow the grading to be completed and finalized on the student record within three months from the date official grades were available to students for the term the INC was assigned
  • If the outstanding work has not been completed and the INC designation is not revised within this time frame, the INC designation will lapse to a failed (F) grade
  • An outstanding INC will impact the ability to meet requirements to enrol in subsequent courses, including prerequisites, anti-requisites, co-requisites, and restrictions.
  • Students must petition their instructor by completing the Incomplete Grade Request Form to receive an INC designation, within 3 (three) working days, or as soon as reasonably possible, of the missed final examination or assignment deadline. Supporting documentation (e.g. Toronto Metropolitan Health Certificate) must be provided
  • If your instructor has assigned an INC, you must get a written statement from them within seven working days using the Incomplete Grade Request Form defining the outstanding work and a final deadline by which the outstanding work or alternate examination must be completed
  • Incomplete grades that have not been resolved and/or revised by the three-month deadline for completion will lapse to F grades according to the following timelines: April 15 for fall term courses, August 1 for winter term Courses, and November 30 for spring/summer term courses
AEG (Aegrotat)

Credit granted by a Dean, in consultation with the instructor, only under exceptional circumstances when there has been acceptable performance in a course and some coursework remains to be completed.

The AEG grade is not included in calculating grade point averages but can be used as a credit towards meeting graduation requirements.

The AEG grade cannot be changed to any other grade or designation.

Download the  (PDF file) Aegrotat Grade Petition Form and follow the instructions on the form.
F-S (Failure - Supplementary) Marginally failing performance that may be raised to a minimum pass through a redeemable failure examination or assessment. The F-S grade is a failed grade and is calculated in the grade point average at zero grade points.
  • The F-S grade can only be converted to a D- or to an F, depending on performance on the supplementary exam or assessment. (If no supplementary exam or assessment is written, the F-S grade on the student’s academic record and official transcript as the final grade)
  • F-S grades are not available to students enrolled in programs that are subject to academic standing and graduation variation rules
  • If you have been assigned an F-S grade and wish to write a redeemable failure exam, complete the Redeemable Failure Request Form through MyServiceHub
  • Once you have submitted the request form and received the approval notification, contact your teaching department to make arrangements to write the redeemable failure exam
INP (In Progress) Indicates course work in progress with at least one more term of formal course registration and study required for completion (e.g. a final thesis is still in progress); the designation INP is not included in calculating grade point averages, and is neither a credit nor a failed course attempt. If you have been assigned an INP grade you must enrol in the course again in a subsequent term to complete the remaining course work. Normal course fee charges will apply for each enrolment in each term.