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Course Drops and Program Withdrawals

Please note that the following options are for students electing to withdraw from their programs. If you have received an RTW academic standing, please refer to the Required to Withdraw (RTW) page for a list of available options.

If you no longer wish to take a course or continue in your program, you are responsible for dropping your course enrolments or withdrawing from your program. 

You must complete your own course drops or program withdrawal via MyServiceHub by the required course drop deadlines.

  • You will not be dropped from courses due to non-attendance, and non-attendance is not grounds for the removal of course enrolments and/or fee charges.  
  • Students who don’t take the appropriate steps to drop their courses will be academically and financially responsible for any course enrolments that remain on their record.
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Drop a Course

Drop one or more course enrolments for the current term. Review course drop deadlines and important considerations before completing the necessary steps.

Short-Term Withdrawals

Temporarily withdraw from undergraduate program of studies, and drop all course enrolments from the current term and/or course intentions for future academic terms.

Permanent Withdrawals

Voluntarily and permanently withdraw from undergraduate program of studies. Students who permanently withdraw and wish to return to their program at a later time, would need to apply for re-admission.

Late Course Drops and Retroactive Withdrawals

Students who are prevented from meeting the required drop deadlines due to sudden, unforeseen and extraordinary circumstances beyond their control, may apply for special consideration for late course drops.