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Drop a Course

If you are no longer interested in a course you have enrolled in, please complete a course drop via your MyServiceHub account. It is important that you complete this process by the appropriate Course Drop Dates and by following the MyServiceHub Support: How to Drop a Class instructions carefully.

If you do not complete this process, you will still be academically and financially responsible for any enrolments that remain on your record.

Before deciding to complete your course drop, please ensure that you have reviewed the Important Course Drop Considerations outlined below on this page.

Course Drop Dates

Chang School of Continuing Education (opens in new window) , Lincoln Alexander School of Law and Yeates School of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies follow different drop deadlines. The content within this page is specifically for undergraduate students.

Find a complete list of important dates and deadlines for undergraduate students in the Undergraduate Significant Dates.

Undergraduate Course Drop and Program Withdrawal Dates

Deadline Type Fall 2024 Winter 2024
Full Refund Until September 13 Until January 26
50% Refund September 14 - October 4 January 27 - February 9
No Refund After October 4 After February 9
Last date to drop course in good academic standing November 15 March 28

Refunds apply to course drops that result in a lower billing unit range. Total fees by billing units can be confirmed using the program fee tables posted on Undergraduate Tuition and Fees.

Undergraduate Class Sessions Course Drop Dates

Deadline Type Spring 2024 (May - June) Spring/Summer 2024 (May - August) Summer 2024 (June - August)
Full Refund Until May 3 Until May 10 Until June 28
50% Refund May 4 - May 10 May 11 - May 24 June 29 - July 5
No Refund After May 10 After May 24 After July 5
Last date to drop course in good academic standing May 31 July 12 July 12

In the spring/summer term undergraduate students often enrol into Chang School of Continuing Education courses or courses with other formats. The drop deadlines for these course are different. Please refer to the chart below for details.

Other Course Enrolments for Undergraduate Students

Course Type

Course Drop Deadlines

Chang School of Continuing Education

Full-time undergraduate program students:
Follow course withdrawal and refund deadlines in Chang School Important Dates (opens in new window) . Note that the deadline for a 100% refund is generally five business days before the course start date.

Part-time undergraduate program students:
Follow the deadline to drop in good academic standing in Chang School Important Dates (opens in new window) .

Refund deadlines for part-time undergraduate students in Chang School classes follow the Undergraduate refund deadlines posted above.

Accelerated and Intensive Courses

Refer to course syllabus or contact your teaching department.

Engineering Transition

Optional Specialization in Management Sciences

See FEAS Transition Program website.

Science Transition

See First Year Science - Transition Program.

Important Course Drop Considerations

Dropping courses may impact your academic progress in your program.  Before dropping, consider whether the course is a prerequisite for another course and when it will be offered again. If you have questions, consult with your program advisor.

OSAP students should know that dropping courses may impact loans and the ability to maintain good academic standing with OSAP. Visit OSAP Academic Probation and Restriction and OSAP Frequently Asked Questions for more information.

Award recipients should be aware that scholarships and bursaries may have conditions to maintain a certain course load.

Entrance Scholarship recipients must be enrolled in an 80% course load (four or more billing units) in both fall and winter terms to maintain their scholarship. Therefore, withdrawing or dropping a course could result in an Entrance Scholarship being forfeited for the current academic year in accordance with Section 7 of the scholarship terms and conditions. A cancelled scholarship may result in a fee being applied to the student’s university fee account.

If you have been assigned a probationary contract, the contract may require that you complete a specific course or specify your required course load. You may need permission from your program department to drop a course. If you have questions, consult with your program advisor.

International students should determine whether drops or withdrawals impact student visa requirements. Contact the International Student Support office to discuss this further.

If you do not enrol in and/or complete courses for multiple terms you will be discontinued from your program of study. Review Non-Enrolment and Program Discontinuation for details for undergraduate students. You should also take note of the maximum timespan to complete your program. For details, please refer to the Undergraduate Graduation Requirements information in the Graduation and Convocation section in the Undergraduate Calendar.

If you are dropping all of your courses for the current term you should also check if you have course intentions for upcoming terms. If you do, you will be automatically enrolled in those courses in the following term and you will be academically and financially responsible for those courses unless you submit an appropriate withdrawal.

If you do not plan to attend TMU for one or more terms, you should request a Short-Term Withdrawal for the terms you will not be attending, or request a Permanent Withdrawal.

How to Drop a Course

Course drops can be completed by using the Drop Class feature within MyServiceHub. Remember to check your schedule in MyServiceHub after dropping your course to verify the courses were successfully dropped.