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Late Course Drops and Retroactive Withdrawals

Toronto Metropolitan University has the responsibility to ensure that undergraduate and Continuing Education students meet academic requirements in a manner that is equitable to all students. As such, Toronto Metropolitan University adheres to university policies, procedures and deadlines to ensure fairness and equity for all students.

The university recognizes, however, that students are sometimes faced with unforeseen and extraordinary circumstances beyond their control that may prevent them from meeting course drop and retroactive withdrawal deadlines.

Late Course Drop

A request to be dropped out of a course after the published deadline to drop courses in good standing and before the end of the exam period, or before the last day to submit a final assignment or course requirement has passed.

Retroactive Withdrawal

A request to be retroactively withdrawn from a course after the course has been completed (i.e. after the final exam or submission of the last course requirement). Fee refunds will not be considered. 

With supporting documentation, a student may submit a Request for Late Course Drop/Retroactive Withdrawal Form. This should be a last resort and will only be considered where a student has faced sudden and serious life events that directly prevented them from meeting the course drop/retroactive withdrawal published deadlines.

Your request for late drop or retroactive withdrawal should be submitted as soon as possible. The length of time from the end of the course and the assignment of a final grade to the date you submit your appeal may be a consideration in the final decision.  

Last updated: November 24, 2020

  1. Visit your academic program department to discuss your situation with a program advisor. They will provide you with advice as to whether or not submitting a Late Drop or Retroactive Withdrawal Request suits your specific situation
  2. Gather your required documentation, as outlined in the tab below.
    1. Please note that if your request is based on medical reasons, you must submit a completed Medical Form (external link, opens in new window) 
  3. Complete the Request for Late Course Drop/Retroactive Withdrawal Form and attach all requested information. Incomplete submissions will not be considered
  4. Organize your documents neatly along with your completed Request for Late Course Drop/Retroactive Withdrawal Form
  5. Place everything into an envelope. On the outside of the envelope, write your name, program and Attn: Request for Late Course Drop
  6. Submit your documents in person:
    1. Undergraduate students: submit your documents to your academic program department
    2. Continuing Education students: submit your documents to the academic program area (opens in new window)  of your course

Please make sure that you submit all relevant information and documentation in support of your request. Withholding important information may result in insufficient necessary evidence to grant your request. It may also cause a delay if additional information is requested.

The documents you provide along with your request must give clear evidence that a debilitation or hardship outside of your control existed during the course in question. We request this information to understand that these limitations were the cause of your course deadlines being missed.

Accepted Documentation

The following are examples of documents that will be accepted with your request. Other relevant examples specific to your case may also be included:

  • Letters from a medical doctor (M.D.) confirming dates of onset of illness, date of diagnosis, or recovery period
  • Airplane tickets (for example, e-tickets) with a boarding pass in your name, or a passport stamp confirming the date of your departure and arrival. These can be used in case you experienced a sudden departure to attend to a family death or other family emergency outside the country.
  • A certified death certificate, published obituary notice, or original note from a funeral home citing your relationship to the deceased
  • An eviction notice

You will be notified of a decision by email to your university account. Generally, you can expect a decision within 30 working days of the submission of your request (if your submission is complete).

The following are examples of reasons why a request for a late course drop or retroactive withdrawal may be denied:

  • Not knowing or forgetting published deadlines and procedures
  • Requests to remove courses after a degree has been conferred
  • Requests to remove courses with low grades to improve grade point averages (GPA) for graduate or professional school applications
  • Requests to remove courses with low grades due to course management and in-course issues (for example, group work issues)
  • Requests for fee refunds
  • Requests for late drops and retroactive withdrawals that have already been considered through grade and academic standing appeals at the department, faculty or Senate level. Please refer to Senate Appeals for detailed information on the grade and academic standing appeal process
  • Requests for retroactive withdrawals for courses that have already been considered as part of academic misconduct appeals at the Academic Integrity Council or Senate level