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Degree Verification Service

The Degree Verification Service is an online service which confirms whether or not a degree (undergraduate or graduate) and/or a certificate has been received from Toronto Metropolitan University (TMU). It will also specify the type of degree or certificate and the year in which it was received.

If you have the necessary student information to begin your search, please proceed to the Degree Verification Service linked below.

If you require further assistance, instructions are provided lower on this page.

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Note: The Degree Verification Service is unavailable between 12 - 2 a.m. for maintenance.

How to Complete a Degree Verification

There are two ways to search for an individual. For both methods outlined below, you will need the students first name and last name to begin.

Option 1: Search by TMU Student Number

  1. Enter the nine-digit Student Number provided to you by the person whose degree is being verified
  2. Enter the person's last name and first name
  3. Type the verification word in the field indicated and begin your search

Option 2: Search by Date of Birth

  1. Enter the person's day and month of birth
  2. Enter the person's last name and first name (middle name is optional)
  3. Type the verification word in the field indicated and begin your search

Graduates Prior to 1984

The Degree Verification Service relies on information available in TMU's Student Administration System. There are students whose degree information may not be available in electronic format. This includes, but is not limited to, students who graduated prior to 1984.

To confirm graduation status for students who graduated prior to 1984, please submit your request by email to and your verification will be conducted manually.

Unsuccessful Searches

If you are unable to find a student please review the following details:

  • Confirm that the person's name has not changed since graduation, the system will only match with their original name. A match to a new name will only occur if the graduate has updated their information on file at Toronto Metropolitan University.
  • Ensure that hyphens and accents on letters are being entered correctly
  • Verify the format for the date of birth is correct

If these adjustments do not give you results please email with the subject line “Degree Verification Unsuccessful” to request a further review.

TMU Student Records provides degree verification at no charge. All other information, such as dates of attendance and current enrolment for non-graduates, must be requested by the student using our Request a Letter procedures. Further information on requesting a letter is available on the Documents and Letters page.