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Redeemable Failure

As per Senate Policy 170(a): Undergraduate Course Grading, Academic Program Standing, and Eligibility to Graduate, the Failure - Supplementary (F-S) grade is defined as marginally failing performance that may be raised to a minimum pass through a redeemable failure examination or assessment.

You can only write a supplementary exam prior to the end of the second week of classes in the next academic term. If the F-S was assigned in previous terms, you will not be eligible for the exam.

The F-S grade will be converted only to a D- or to an F, depending on performance. Meanwhile, the F-S grade is treated as an interim failed grade and is calculated in the grade point average at zero grade points.

The resulting grade point average is normally considered to be provisional until the end of the period during which the redeemable failure would be written. If an academic standing cannot change as a result of clearing an F-S grade, the provisional standing will automatically be converted to a formal standing.

If you have been assigned an F-S grade, this means that you have marginally failed a course and the instructor is offering you the opportunity to write a redeemable failure exam.

You can only write one exam for the F-S grade that is assigned to you for that one course in the term. Assignments of an F-S grade are at the discretion of the teaching department. If a grade of F-S is assigned, the Redeemable Failure form will become available for that course.

The F-S grade will remain on your record until you complete your redeemable failure examination and your instructor submits a grade revision to convert the F-S grade to either a D- or an F. If you chose to not write a redeemable failure exam for an F-S grade that was assigned in a previous term, the F-S grade remains on your record and becomes the final grade for the term.

How to Write a Supplementary Exam

Students with an F-S grade who wish to write a redeemable failure examination must complete the Redeemable Failure Request Form through MyServiceHub (opens in new window) . There is a non-refundable examination fee of $50 charge for each request. If you write a supplementary examination and without paying the $50, it will result in a Hold being applied to your fee account.

Once you have submitted the request form and you have received an approval notification, you will need to immediately contact the teaching department to make arrangements to write the redeemable failure exam.

Redeemable Failure Request Form in MyServiceHub

  1. Click on MyServiceHub.

  2. Click on eForms Center (bottom right).

    eForms tile in bottom right of Student Homepage on MyServiceHub
  3. Click on the Redeemable Failure Request Form in the eForms Center.

    Link to Redeemable Failure Request in the eForms Center.
  4. Select the course to which the Redeemable Failure Request is being applied. Carefully read the acknowledgement items, select Yes to agree to the terms, and click Proceed to continue to the payment screen.

    Step 1 of Redeemable Failure Request. Includes Course details, Acknowledgement action item (select Yes), and Proceed button.
  5. Each Redeemable Failure Request requires a payment of $50. Click on Pay Now to proceed to BluePay Canada screen.

    Note: Please ensure that your browser is set to enable popups in order to proceed with the payment process.

    Pay Now button in Payment Details section of Redeemable Failure Request Form.
  6. Enter your credit card information and click Submit to complete the transaction.

    Enter credit card details and amount to pay. Fields marked with an asterisk are required. Click submit when done.
  7. Please remember to contact the teaching department as soon as possible to schedule a redeemable failure examination.