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Student Stories

Headshot of Sienna Smith

Sienna Smith

Former Faculty of Science Lead Mentor

“Group Mentoring allows for students to find a community on campus and make new friends, all while learning how to better themselves on a personal and academic level.

The TMP 2019-20 welcome party, and the Black Grad Reception provided me with the chance to meet new people and be proud of my journey as a Black TMU student.”

Headshot of student Christian Bambe
Christian Bambe

Former Arts Lead Mentor

"As a TMU student, one of the most impactful spaces in my undergraduate career was the Tri-Mentoring Program. I started working there as a second year student who was still settling in as an newcomer and my time there helped me grow to who I am today. The dedicated and passionate team at TMP, helped shape a community for me as a student staff and the space allowed me and other student staff to develop in different avenues of our lives. It was there that I met most of my current friends and also discovered many opportunities that were critical in my person and professional growth. I am glad to have been a part of TMP and for the fond memories I have of it."

Headshot of Pauline Jawaki

Paulina Jankowska

Former Career Mentoring Program Assistant & TRSM Lead Mentor

“Seeing mentees excel and reach their career goals throughout the year always inspired me! I was able to learn from every career mentor I spoke to!"

Cole Sabaot
Cole Sabaot

Former TRSM Mentee, Lead Mentor & Career Mentoring Assistant. Current Career Mentor

“The TMP community was an incubator for my personal and professional development. I  will forever be in their debt for all the opportunities this program offered me; and for the many friends, guides and mentors I met through it”

Adriana Carpanzano Headshot

Adriana Carpanzano

Former Faculty of Arts Lead Mentor

“Tri-Mentoring was such a large part of my schooling life at TMU, and the team became a second family to me. 

I truly believe that this program is such an integral part of student life, and the TMU community. I want all students to know that they have fantastic resources for community building and support at TMU, and Tri-mentoring can really provide you with an enriching student life experience.”

Headshot of Jasmine Vargus

Jasmin Jones Vargas

Former 2SLGBTQ+ Group Mentor & FCS Lead Mentor

“What I remember most is witnessing a person discovering a part of themselves and slowly being comfortable in their own skin. It was a beautiful moment, and I was able to experience with a handful of wonderful individuals.”