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Frequently Asked Questions

Please look through this page to have your questions answered! For inquiries requiring professional staff or questions related to Orientation or Accessibility, contact


Question Answer

How do I register for Orientation?

Will any events for Orientation Week 2023 be held in person?

At this time we’re following guidance from Toronto Metropolitan University and the Government of Ontario. All events thus far have been planned to take in-person. This may change based on updated health and safety guidelines.

What is Orientation Week?

TMU's Orientation Week takes place the week before classes begin and gives you the chance to connect with other new students, get familiar with your academic program, and get to know your way around campus. Our Orientation Week is designed to meet the needs of all new students.

Every year we offer new events and programs, but every Orientation Week at TMU features:

  • Academic program and faculty-specific orientations so you can meet students in your program, find out about faculty-specific resources and get to know your professors.
  • Information about how to access on-campus supports and resources so you know how to find what you need after classes start.
  • Tons of engaging performances, social activities, concerts and giveaways!

When is Orientation Week?

Orientation Week starts on Sunday, August 27th to Monday, September 4th 2022.

Is Orientation Week mandatory?

Although Orientation Week is not mandatory, it’s the best time to connect with new friends, gather important information regarding your program and learn more about TMU! 

Note: Some Residence and Academic Orientation Meetings ARE mandatory. Please ensure you check the details of your academic program’s meeting. If you live in Residence, pay attention to the information Residence & Housing Life provide to you.

Where are the Orientation Week events held and how can I get there?

All orientation events will take place on the TMU campus. 

Our campus is right at the heart of Downtown Toronto. Here's how you can get there.  

By Transit: The nearest subway stations to campus are Dundas Station or College Station. 

  • Arriving via Dundas Station will take you through the Eaton's Centre, Yonge and Dundas Square, Atrium on Bay or the 10 Dundas Building. You'll want to travel north on Yonge street and head towards the Student Learning Centre on the right side (you can't miss it!)
  • Arriving via College will take you through College Park or exit onto College or Carlton Street. In any case you'll want to walk South on Yonge until you reach either Gerrard Street or Gould Street. Turn left and you're on campus!

By Vehicle: Parking lots are located all around campus, with the closest being on Victoria Street just north of Dundas Street. The cost of parking is roughly $20 per day. 

If you're using a GPS, the address to input is 350 Victoria Street, Toronto ON, M5B2K3

Do I need to bring anything to participate in Orientation Week events?

  • Appropriate clothing for the weather and event
  • Sunscreen
  • A water bottle
  • Identification
  • Your health card/health insurance details
  • Any medication you may need
  • Money (Note: Central Orientation is free of cost)
  • Meals or snacks for throughout the day or enough money for meals
  • A notebook/pen or note taking devices

When is the first day of classes for the Fall 2022 term?

The first day of classes is Tuesday, September 5th, 2023.

Are Orientation Week events open to students under 19 years of age (legal drinking age)?

All events during Central Orientation Week are open to TMU students of all ages. There are no age-restrictions.

Is there a registration or sign-up process for attending Central Orientation Week activities and events?

In the weeks ahead we'll be releasing the official Orientation website which will include a registration form for you to complete for participation. Please follow @StudentlifeTMU on your favourite social media platforms to keep up to date.

Different events may require specific registration due to the limited number of spaces available, please read through the description of each event to see whether a separate sign-up is required.

How can I connect with other incoming students, Orientation Leaders, and staff before Orientation Week?

To connect with other incoming students, Orientation Leaders, and/or staff members, please follow us on and interact with our social media accounts and join Summer Jumpstart! (external link, opens in new window) 

  • On @StudentlifeTMU social media you'll receive important information about Orientation Week as well as key pieces of information you'll need as a student, such as important dates and deadlines, events and opportunities to get involved.
  • Summer Jumpstart is TMU's Pre-orientation program. joining will give you access to over 50 events taking place from July 11th to August 18th. Once registered you'll also have access to a discussion board to interact with other students and ask questions to staff and student volunteers


Can individuals not going to TMU attend Orientation events? In general, Central Orientation Week events are for incoming TMU students only. Anyone who is not a student at TMU will not be admitted into events and activities with limited capacity because our priorities are to serve the needs of our new students first and foremost, and for the new students to connect with people within the TMU community. We highly recommend that new students come to Orientation Week with an open mind and we will help you connect with new friends through our activities and events.

Is there a cost associated with participating during Orientation?

There are no costs associated with participating in TMU's Central Orientation Week events.

Can my parents attend Orientation?

While parents cannot attend the same events that incoming students attend, we will be hosting specific Family, Friends and Supporters Orientation sessions. More information will be released about these sessions, along with a registration form when the official Orientation website is launched in a few weeks. 

Where can I find information about fees and course enrolment?

You can find information about fees, course enrolment and all the steps required to get ready for the start of class on the New Students web page through Undergraduate Admissions: Undergraduate Admission Website (opens in new window) 

I will not be able to pick up my OneCard until after Orientation Week, where can I pick it up?

If for some reason you cannot get your OneCard during Orientation Week, you will need to visit the OneCard office during regular hours of operations.

Is Orientation Week the same as the TMU Students’ Union Week of Welcome?


Though the TMU Students’ Union and the Central Orientation Team collaborate on many events during Orientation Week, the Students' Union Week of Welcome is a different thing.

Orientation Week runs from August 27th - September 4th to welcome TMU's new students to campus and help you connect, adjust, and learn about what it means to be a member of our community. This week is coordinated by the Central Orientation Team (a part of the Student Life and Learning Support office), with events run by many departments and student societies on campus just for new students!

The TMSU Week of Welcome is planned by the TMU Students’ Union and runs during the first week of classes, from Tuesday, September 5th to Friday September 8th. All TMU students, no matter what year of study they’re in, can participate in this week of events designed to inform you about the great programs and services provided by the TMSU. The Week of Welcome is not meant to act as an Orientation Week, but rather it augments what you will experience during Orientation.

We encourage you to attend both, but don’t miss out on your Orientation!

I am going to be living in Residence. When can I move in?

Move-in Day will be taking place on August 27th. More information will be shared about your move directly from the Housing and Residence Life team. 

Are all of the Orientation Week events accessible?

Toronto Metropolitan University is committed to ensuring that all events are 100% accessible and inclusive.

If you require any special accommodations please contact Andrew Metcalfe by email at:

Will alcohol be served at Orientation Week events? Can I bring alcohol to Orientation Week events?

All events run by TMU's Central Orientation Team are completely dry events. ALL of our events are open to students of all ages.

You will be refused entry into an event if you appear to be impaired by drugs or alcohol or have alcohol/drugs on your person. Please do not bring alcohol/drugs to any event during Orientation Week.

Will my photo be taken at Orientation Week?

Image Consent Policy

By participating in and/or attending this event/activity, Toronto Metropolitan University will assume you have provided consent for your image/voice to be collected, used and reproduced by Toronto Metropolitan University, its employees, or agents. All audio recordings, video recordings, digital recordings, negatives and/or slides together with any prints shall constitute the property of Toronto Metropolitan University solely and completely. If you do not wish to be recorded at the event, please let our registration staff know upon your arrival. We will do our best to accommodate your request. If you have any questions about the collection, use or reproduction of these records by Toronto Metropolitan University, please contact us at