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Tri-Mentoring Program

Black students engaged at an event on campus

The Tri-Mentoring Program’s (TMP) educational priority is to mentor each student using their individual experience to find their sense of belonging on campus. The “Tri” represents our various Mentoring Programs, Interfaith and Student Action activities. We offer a variety of mentoring opportunities to students of all identities across all faculties for both undergrad and graduate students: 

Our Mentoring Programs include:

For Undergraduate Students: 

  • Peer Mentoring: 1st year students are matched with upper year students in the same program or with similar interests supporting their transition into first year
  • Career Mentoring: Students in 3rd year or above are matched with an industry professional for guidance and encouragement progressing towards their goals
    • Specialized Career Mentoring Programs are also available such as: 
      • Black Graduate Career Mentoring, Race Forward, and more
  • Group Mentoring: We host regular Group Mentoring community meetings for equity-deserving students on campus including groups for students who are 2SLGBTQ+, Black, Indigenous, Filipinx, Jewish, Latinx, Lusophone/Portuguese speaking, Muslim women, Mature students, Students with Disabilities, Women in STEM, East- and Southeast-Asian, and Graduate students.

For Graduate Students: 

  • GRADMentors / Peer Mentoring: graduate students mentor upper-year undergraduate students interested in pursuing graduate studies 
  • Career Mentoring: graduate students matched with industry professionals to assist them toward their transition out of university and into the workforce 
  • Group Mentoring: community meet-ups for graduate students to socialize and connect

Interfaith Programming:

The Interfaith Program aims to provide students with a space to have open faith related conversations. 

Student Action Programming:

The Student Action Program aims to provide students with a learning environment to acquire the skills necessary to make positive change in areas they are passionate about.