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Orientation Week at Toronto Metropolitan University

TMU Orientation takes place from Sunday, August 27 until Monday, September 4 and gives you the chance to connect with other new students, get familiar with different services and supports available to you, and get to know your way around campus. Whether it's welcoming you back to campus or welcoming you for the first time, we're excited to see you! We've partnered with a number of campus partners and each of the faculties to ensure that you have an opportunity to participate anyway you feel comfortable.

What is Orientation?

Orientation Week takes place two times throughout the academic term. Fall Orientation takes place in August the week before classes begin and Winter Orientation takes place in January. Each orientation week gives you the chance to connect with other students, get familiar with your academic program, and get to know your way around campus. Our Orientation Week is designed to meet the needs of all new students, especially those going into their 1st year. 

Every year we offer new events and programs, but every Orientation Week at TMU features:

  • Academic program and faculty-specific orientations so incoming students can meet other peers in their program, find out about faculty-specific resources and get to know their professors.
  • Information about how to access on-campus supports and resources so new students know how to find what they need after classes start.
  • Tons of social activities, engaging performances, concerts, and giveaways!

We invited two incoming students to meet for the first time and talk about transitioning to university. What would you have talked about?

Thinking about what the Summer might look like ahead? 2020 Summer Storytellers told us what summer in quarantine was like for them.

Coming to TMU in the Fall? Share your story with thousands! We will be releasing videos weekly featuring incoming first-years and we want to hear from you about everything you're thinking and feeling - especially this year. Apply now!

Get Ready: Summer Jumpstart

Get Ready: Summer Jumpstart is your first stop to learn everything you need to know for your first few days, weeks, and years at TMU. We're hosting events starting on July 10th to get you ready for your journey at TMU.

Events are built around the following themes:

  • Community
  • Recreation and Wellness
  • Math
  • Study Skills
  • Writing

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