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Career Mentoring

Student and professional having a conversation with coffee

The Career Mentoring Program aims to assist 3rd year or above students who are approaching graduation to make a successful and informed transition from university into the workforce, preferably in their field of interest.

  • Explore how your identity relates to the industry/occupation of your interest.
  • Receive guidance, advice and insight from a professional in the industry/occupation of your interest.
  • Get support in achieving your personal & professional development goals.
  • Develop networking skills and expand your professional network.
  • Be going into your 3rd year or above in your undergraduate program at the time of the application.
  • Be or have been a peer mentor at the Tri-Mentoring Program.
  • Be available to connect with your career mentor a maximum of 2 hours per month; a maximum of 8 hours per semester - not applicable to Flash Mentoring.


Flash Mentoring 

Students in 3rd year and above students and industry professionals have the opportunity to be part of an informal mentoring relationship without being matched directly with a student/professional. Please note: Students and industry professionals who have been matched have the opportunity to connect with other participants in the program.

Think of it as a tailored networking platform. It provides students with the opportunity to connect with multiple industry professionals, build a network and gain tailored career guidance. 

This is not an ongoing mentorship arrangement. Flash Mentoring is intended to be short, efficient transactions of information and advice.

  • Complete mandatory career mentee training - You need to complete this training and fill out the learning assessment provided at the training to be considered for approval in the program
  • 2 interactions (max. 1 hour each) per month - Lack of communication will result in removal from the program. Online communication through portal (preferred method), social media, text messaging, video call, in person (on campus or off campus) 
  • Attend POD Check-Ins and/or one-on-one Mentoring appointments
  • Complete all TMP Monthly Engagement Report

Applications for the upcoming academic year (e.g. September 2020) open every year on March 1st (e.g. March 1st, 2020), and close on May 31st (e.g. May 31st, 2020).

2020 - 2021 Dates:

  • Application opens: March 1st
  • Application closes: May 31st
  • Selected students notified & matched: August
  • Mentoring starts: August/September
  • Mentoring ends: end of March

Due to the large number of applications, we will not review applications that are submitted past this date, unless we have unmatched career mentors.

Apply to become a career mentee (user type: student) at

  • All applicants will be called for a one-on-one interview with the Career Mentoring Assistant and/or Mentoring Facilitator
  • Applicants will be assessed on eligibility and criteria, strengths, goals and level of commitment
  • Selected applicants are not guaranteed a match. This depends on career mentor availability. If you are not matched or have signed up for Flash Mentoring only, you will be approved to interact with multiple career mentors.

For more information on the Career Mentoring Program, please email us at