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Writing and Language Support

We know our writing and language development improves when we get to talk about it with others at various stages of the process. 

We help you develop your academic writing skills and your approach to the writing process through meaningful conversations about your writing in individual appointments, workshops, and writing groups.

If you are a multilingual student and want to improve your English language skills, you can participate in individual and group sessions and access classroom instruction to help improve your writing, speaking and listening, oral presentation, and reading skills.

Due to  (PDF file) TMU Policy, we are unable to help with take home tests or exams. 

Need assistance using Google Meet or Zoom?  (google doc) Read our guide on online apps (external link) .


We offer three types of individual appointments:

For students who use English as an additional language. Build your vocabulary, fluency, and confidence. Meet with a member of the student staff and practice and improve your spoken English skills. Engage in structured language activities or have an informal conversation - you can also practice an oral presentation and receive critical feedback.


Meet with a member of the student staff and go through a written assignment. Staff serve as a "second reader" and will help you identify errors with grammar, usage, word choice, and style, helping you to become a more effective self-editor.

Meet with a trained writing consultant to discuss your academic writing. Ask questions, and get thoughtful, critical feedback that will help you move forward. Come in at any stage of the writing process.

Drop-in Writing Appointments

How it works

Offered after Reading Week

Drop-in appointments (online & in-person) are for same-day requests, and on a first come, first served basis.

For online drop-ins, the Zoom link will be available for the duration of drop-in hours. If a consultant is available, they will see you immediately. If the consultant is already with a student, we will let you know when a spot becomes available. We will do our best to accommodate all requests, however, drop-ins are not guaranteed.

The drop-in hours (in-person & online) and Zoom link can be found in the document below:


Weekly Group Sessions and Non-Credit Classes

For students who use English as an additional language. These weekly group sessions build oral fluency and interpersonal communication skills through group discussions, real-life tasks, and presentations. Learn strategies for vocabulary development, general/professional communication, and gain confidence in your conversation and facilitation skills. 

The group runs weekly. Register for Conversation Group Sessions.

  • For students who use English as an additional language (Level: Intermediate +). These student-centred oral communication classes build confidence, fluency, appropriateness, and accuracy in spoken English. Engaging exercises and activities provide opportunities to build and practice skills, strategies, and techniques that will help you become a more effective English speaker. Each week's session will include a mini lecture, discussion activities and exercises that build effective oral presentation skills.

Offered in Fall & Winter semesters. Register for English Communication Support Classes.

Offered after Reading Week

Want to make real progress, while supported by a distraction free atmosphere and an expert writing consultant who will help you move through any specific writing blocks?

Turn off your phones and notifications for 2 hours and come write with us in the Writing Studio every Monday! We will not be talking, reading, or whispering. We will be setting goals and writing non-stop for 2 hours. We ask that you arrive on time to minimize interruptions to your peers. A group debrief will be done at the end and we'll begin with a small lesson on developing your own writing practice. We hope to see you soon!


Want to write like an activist? Join this weekly writing group for the opportunity to get together with peers and discuss social justice issues as they relate to academic writing and research. 

Weekly discussions will consider topics such as anti-racism in academia, social justice writing for social media, grammar as academic gatekeeping, time management for student-activists, and more! Writing support will be available if you need it. This group is open to all TMU students.

This group runs in the Fall and Winter semesters.

Conversational Connections

This program is a unique opportunity for students who use English as an additional language. Get matched with a volunteer, aged 60+, and practice your English language speaking skills 1-on-1 in a relaxed, informal conversational situation. Build your confidence and fluency, exchange cultural ideas, and gain an appreciation of intergenerational differences. This program is a partnership between Writing & Language Support and Programs for 50+ at the Chang School of Continuing Education. A short virtual interview will be arranged to clarify expectations

English Language Test Prep

Are you preparing for a standardized English language assessment, e.g. IELTS, CELPIP, TOEFL? Writing & Language Support provides 1-on-1 practice and feedback sessions for TMU students.