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Our Team

The Student Life and Learning Support staff is a team of educators, learners, and professionals dedicated to supporting you at every stage of your journey at Toronto Metropolitan University. Connect with any one of us - we can’t wait to hear from you.

Lyn-Marie Farley, MA, RISIA (she/her)
Interim Director, Student Life & Learning Support

Christian Bambe (he/him)
Financial Coordinator, Student Life & Learning Support

Student Life and Campus Engagement


Andrew Bisnauth, (he/him)
Associate Director, Campus & Community Engagement

Kaela Menezes (she/her)
Leadership Development Facilitator

Kristin Walcott-Dass, M.A. (she/her)
Digital Learning and Community Facilitator

Anna Nguyen
Manager, SLC Engagement & Operations

David Chau
Operations Support Lead

Anh Than 
Coordinator, Tours & Events

Victor Hu Wong 
SLC Assistant

Amy Vong 
SLC Assistant

Jennifer Tan
SLC Assistant

Sophia Castiblanco 
SLC Assistant

Bramooth Yuvarajan 
SLC Assistant

Tri-Mentoring Program

General Inquires
416-979-5000 ext. 556634

Cyesha Craigwell-Forde
Manager, Tri-Mentoring Program

Eboni Morgan 
Black Student Support Facilitator

Rudhra Persad (he/him)
Mentoring Facilitator

Shailee Koranne (she/her)
Mentoring Facilitator

Tashana McDonald (she/her)
Mentoring Facilitator

Samantha Tome
Mentoring Facilitator

International Student Support

General Inquires
416-979-5000 ext. 556655

Samantha DeBoer, MA, RCIC (she/her)
Manager, International Student Experience

Dipti Hinduja Thakur
Manager, Immigration and Advising

Marina Seenath (she/her)
International Student Advisor

Yun Kyng Woo (she/her)
International Student Advisor

LeChelle Saunders (she/her)
International Student Advisor

Maryam Julazadeh 
International Student Advisor

Rama Barham 
International Student Advisor

Fengwen Yu 
International Student Advisor

Eden Jing 
ISS and UHIP Administrator

Joelle Navarro 
International Retention Facilitator

Learning Support

General Inquiries

Krystal Valentine, M.T. (she/her)
Manager, Student Learning and Academic Engagement

Meera Govindasamy M.A. (she/her)
Academic Engagement Specialist

Cleopatra Myers (she/her)
Peer Learning Facilitator

Chris Brierley, TESOL. (he/him)
Senior English Language Support Specialist

Deidre Lam, M.Ed. (she/her)
Senior Math Support Specialist