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COVID-19 Information & Updates

We now offer both virtual and in-person workshops and one-on-one support. When you register for an online session, you will receive a link to join us virtually.

Some workshops include:

  • Learning from lectures
  • Critical thinking and critical writing
  • Basics of referencing and citations
  • Introduction to managing tasks and time
  • Obstacles to writing
  • Effective revision and editing
  • Introduction to test and exam prep
  • Common grammar errors
  • Ethical scholarship in student writing
  • Basics of referencing and citations

Learning Support continues to offer 1:1 appointments and workshops to support your academic learning, over the phone and online. Student Learning Support reception on the SLC 4th floor is closed.

Online Learning: Checklist for Students

As TMU’s learning environment goes virtual, we invite all students to engage with new ways of receiving material, participating in courses, and demonstrating knowledge.

  • Consider that your learning needs may be different in an online environment.
    Sometimes, online learning can be helpful in removing barriers to learning; however, other barriers may present themselves. Consider what your online strengths and needs are, and give yourself time to adapt and adjust your approach.
  • Discover yourself as an online learner.
    It may be helpful to try a practice online test or activity (video, note-taking) to better understand yourself as an online learner and assess your strengths/obstacles in this setting.
  • “Show up” to class
    Treat online classes like an in-person class: set dedicated time each week for each online lecture. Take notes on online lecture content like you would in class, for example, and put concepts in your own words; illustrate ideas with examples.
  • Manage your time
    Set dedicated time aside to review lecture notes, do practice problems, create flashcards, and work on assignments. Don’t forget to schedule downtime — relaxation, exercise, and (virtual) social time. Prioritize self-care. Developing and sticking to a routine is key!
  • Set Boundaries
    Set boundaries - physical or otherwise - between your “study” space/time and your downtime. This can help with your routine and minimize distractions. Pro tip: avoid studying on your bed.
  • Minimize distractions
    Minimize distractions by using website blocking apps or focus apps (like StayFocusd, Freedom (external link) , or Forest (external link) ). This is especially important if achieving focus is a challenge for you. Communicate your needs to the people you live with.
  • Participate
    If online discussion groups are available, ask questions and discuss topics with your peers, TAs, and instructors.
  • Test yourself
  • Use practice questions in your course material or use apps such as Quizlet (external link)  to create your own. If you get stuck, review the lecture content and use your textbook to find possible solutions. Don’t forget to use online discussion groups and forums to get and give support.
  • Consider hosting or joining an online study group.
    Learning from home doesn’t need to be a solitary activity. Peer to peer learning can be facilitated online through Google Hangouts.
  • Use email to contact TMU staff (Faculty, Learning Support Help, Academic Advisors, Departments, etc.)
    Reach out when you need help! Staff and faculty can always refer you to the right person if they are not able to answer your question or provide you with the appropriate support. Keep in mind that you cannot expect immediate replies, or replies on weekends.

While some courses work well in online formats, not all courses designed for in-person delivery will shift easily into a virtual environment. We encourage you to reach out for support as we go through this transition together.

Additional resources to support your learning and well-being:

These tips were adapted from University of Toronto Mississauga Accessibility Services “Accessibility Resources for Students in Online Learning (external link) .”