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Redirect request

Do not request redirects for content not under your department's purview.

If a website URL is changed or removed, only the original content owner can request a redirect related to that URL.

  1. Determine which redirect option meets your needs
  2. Download and submit the  (excel file) redirect request spreadsheet
  3. Before redirects are put in place, old URLs must be deleted and new URLs must be activated
  4. Submit your request three to five business days in advance
  5. Review redirect submission guidelines
  • Redirects are removed after six months, unless a shorter duration is requested.
  • PDF and other DAM assets cannot be redirected.
  • If you are using Google Analytics campaign tracking, please consult with University Relations before submitting redirect requests.
  • Maximum number of redirects per site is 10
    • If a large number of redirects (>40) are submitted, this work effort may become a chargeable item if significant troubleshooting is required
  • You are responsible for testing all redirects after implementation
  • A 'file to file' redirect must supersede a 'replace multiple' redirect that includes its parent folder
    • Example: The redirect /ccs/connecting/secure/RU-VPN must be listed before the redirect of /ccs/connecting

      For more, see Redirect Order tab

In your redirect list, if a parent page is listed before its children, it will overwrite the children.  If you provide redirects in the wrong sequence, conflicts are inevitable. Children must be listed BEFORE the parent in your list of redirects.

Sequence matters

Provide the redirect list in a specific order with children before parents

Example, where (a) and (b) are children of parent (c):

(a)* ->    

(b)  ->   

(c)*  ->  

Do not include index.html or .html in source or target URL

In our current system configuration, all of the following are the same file: 

campusfacilities = campusfacilities.html = campusfacilities/index.html 

The request should look like this:*  ->

We cannot redirect the same file to different targets. That is, you cannot include the following in addition to the example above:  ->  ->

Avoid submitting redirects that create an endless loop

The following redirect will create an infinite loop as the destination will match the condition "learn" and continue to redirect in an infinite loop. ->

To break the loop a "/" must be added to the end of the redirect:

Redirect form

Important: Redirects are only implemented between 8 a.m. - 9 a.m.
 Direct page to page (301)
 Replace multiple (301)
 Wildcard (301)
 Remove Redirect(s)
 One month
 Three months
 Six months

Request one redirect:


To request 2 or more redirects: