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Templates are used to create new web pages. The templates available for building your website are called responsive templates. Add content to page templates using components.

All AEM templates are responsive. As a browser window changes size, the content in that window adjusts accordingly. Images, navigation, buttons, etc. scale to display for the device - desktop, tablet, or phone - it’s being displayed on.

There are nine responsive templates:

  • Homepage: This is the root level page. If your website is, then "about" was created using the homepage template. Authors do not have the ability to create new pages using this template; however, they can access and modify page properties and page content.
  • InheritedContent: Use this template to create the site's name and footer. Users can also add content to the left or right rails which can then be displayed on any page within the site.
  • Content: This the most commonly used template. This generic template allows authors to create a wide variety of layouts.
  • News & Events Archive: Use this template to create a yearly archive within which news and event templates can be created. When you create a new year, all the months for that year are auto-generated. News and event templates can only be created under the month folder of this archive template.
  • News: The news template is used to create an announcement or news story page. This template contains specific fields to be used by the author. These fields can then be displayed in a news list or grid.
  • Event: This template is used to create an event that has a specific start and end date. Events can be displayed in an event list/grid or a calendar component using the fields from the event template.
  • Biography: Create profile pages or biographies for faculty, staff, etc. and display them in a consistent way using biography list or grid.
  • Redirect: Forwards one page to another page.
  • Showcase: Display a collection of images, text and/or video in this predefined template.