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Service and Leadership Awards Recipients

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Congralutions to our Service and Leadership award recipients for 2023.

2023 recipients

  • Marcia Boniferro
    Student Affairs
    • Nominator: Scott Buttenham
    • Supporter: Valerie Bruce
  • Strategic Leads - Renaming - Central Comms and University Relations
    • Karen Benner, Office of the President
    • Derek Flack, University Relations
    • Katherine Greflund, University Relations
    • Johanna Vandermaas, Office of the President
      • Nominator: David Kinahan
      • Supporters: Tonya (Toni) De Mello, Isaac Garcia-Sitton, Steven Liss, Krishan Mehta, Ian Mishkel, Pamela Sugiman, Donna Young

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  • Anti-Asian Racism Awareness Team
    • Gabriel Ciufo, Office of the President
    • Josel Angelica Gerardo, Faculty of Arts
    • Josie Lee, Office of the General Counsel and Board Secretariat
    • Wincy Li, Studdent Affairs
    • Janet Lum, Faculty of Arts
    • Yumi Numata, Faculty of Arts
    • Melissa Yu Vanti, Office of the Vice-President, Equity and Community Inclusion
    • Nominator: Jennifer MacInnis
    • Supporters: Crystal Kim, Pam Sugiman, Joanne Tsang
  • Susan Silver
    Faculty of Community Services
    • Nominator: Sricamalan Pathmanathan
    • Supporters: Corinne Hart, Gordon Pon, June Yee
  • The Tri-Mentoring Program Team
    • Rena Jennifer Barcelona, Studdent Affairs
    • Shailee Koranne, Student Affairs
    • Tashana Mcdonald, Student Affairs
    • Eboni Morgan, Student Affairs
    • Rudhra Persad, Student Affairs
    • Samantha Tome, Student Affairs
    • Nominator: Lyn-Marie Farley
    • Supporters: Samantha Adebiyi, Jen Gonzales, Wincy Li, Nancy Walton
  • Yu-Ching (Jean) Tsai
    Student Wellbeing
    • Nominator: Eden Abraham
    • Supporters: Laura Girz, Lisa LaFreniere

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  • Cynthia Holmes
    Ted Rogers School of Management
    • Nominator: Dogan Tirtiroglu
    • Supporters: Nancy Amaral, Donna Bell, Michael Brooks, Lauren Di Mambro, Cindy Dunne, Chris Macdonald, Sedat Ogeturk, Jenny Pao, Dogan Tirtiroglu, Hong Yu
  • Khaled Sennah
    Civil Engineering, Faculty of Engineering and Architectural Science
    • Nominator: Xianxun (Arnold) Yuan
    • Supporters: Lamya Amleh, Said Easa, Ahmed El-Rabbany, Elsayed Elbeshbishy, Songnian Li, Saber Moradi, Dan Peneff, Helen Rusan, Arnold Yuan

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  • Rachel DiSaia
    Office of the President
    • Nominator: Catherine Ellis
    • Supporter: Tanya (Toni) De Mello
  • Susana Neves-Silva
    Faculty of Community Services
    • Nominator: Raquel Lashley-Trambulo
    • Supporter: Maher El-Masri

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  • Yu Ying Ling
    Faculty of Community Services
    • Nominator: Josephine Wong
    • Supporter: Egbe Etowa

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  • Vincenzo Carinci
    Financial Services
    • Nominator: Jennifer MacInnis
    • Supporter: Mark Paterson
  • Mike Hollands
    Community Safety & Security
    • Nominator: Marc Dunn
    • Supporter: Denise Campbell
  • Harsimran Rattan
    Student Affairs
    • Nominator: Ian Ingles
    • Supporter: Wincy Li
  • Milene Santos Costa Ferreira
    Faculty of Community Services
    • Nominator: Jennifer Poole
    • Supporters: May Friedman, Olufunke Oba
  • Affinaquest Implementation Team
    • Nirmal Adiyodi, University Advancement
    • Sergio Chiodo, University Advancement
    • Jill Cooper, University Advancement
    • Jody Dailey, University Advancement
    • Tony Davison, University Advancement
    • Jamison Dowsett, University Advancement
    • Shawn Hymers, University Advancement
    • Myha Mac, University Advancement
    • Karen Musytschka, University Advancement
    • Meherab Saher, University Advancement
    • Als Thompson, University Advancement
      • Nominator: Rivi Frankle
      • Supporter: Sean Ingram
  • Branded Materials Transition Project
    • Nuala Byles, Athletics & Recreation
    • Gina Vaccaro, Athletics & Recreation
      • Nominator: Rachel DiSaia
      • Supporter: Louise Cowin

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  • Alagan Anpalagan
    Department of Electrical, Computer, and Biomedical Engineering, Faculty of Engineering and Architectural Science
    • Nominator: Alagan Anpalagan
    • Supporters: Ekram Hossain, Isaac Woungang
  • Wendy Cukier
    School of Business Management, Ted Rogers School of Management
    • Nominator: Kimberly Bates
    • Supporters: Karen Peesker, Nadine Spencer
  • Seth Dworkin
    Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering, Faculty of Engineering and Architectural Science
    • Nominator: Sharareh Taghipour
    • Supporters: Imogen Coe, Stephen Waldman
  • Yi Feng
  • School of Accounting and Finance, Ted Rogers School of Management
    • Nominator: Laleh Samarbakhsh
    • Supporters: Shadi Farshadfar, Laleh Samarbakhsh
  • Jonghun (Jay) Park
    School of Graphic Communications Management, The Creative School
    • Nominator: Natalia Lumby
    • Supporters: Donna Abdelrazik, Breanna Schuler
  • Sarah Sabatinos
    Department of Chemistry and Biology, Faculty of Science
    • Nominator: Bryan Koivisto
    • Supporters: Andrew McWilliams, Russell Viirre
  • Dale Smith
    Department of English, Faculty of Arts
    • Nominator: Andrew O'Malley
    • Supporters: Kathleen Kellett-Betsos, Anne-Marie Lee-Loy
  • Luke Taylor
    Lincoln Alexander School of Law
    • Nominator: Avner Levin
    • Supporter: Pnina Alon-Shenker
  • Magdalena Ugarte
    School of Urban and Regional Planning, Faculty of Community Services
    • Nominator: Raktim Mitra
    • Supporter: Pamela Robinson
  • Laurel Walzak
    RTA School of Media, The Creative School
    • Nominator: Laurel Walzak
    • Supporters: Louis Etienne Dubois, Joe Recupero
  • Ian Young
    School of Occupational and Public Health, Faculty of Community Services
    • Nominator: Ian Young
    • Supporters: Anne Harris, Richard Meldrum

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  • Immaculate Antony
    Centre for Student Development and Counselling, Student Health and Wellness, Student Wellbeing, Office of the Vice-Provost, Students
    • Nominator: Bronwyn Dickson
    • Supporters: Diana Brecher, Maria Chapparo

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There is no recipient for the 2022-2023 award year.

  • Terri Peters
    Faculty of Engineering and Architectural Science
    • Nominator: Mark Gorgolewski
    • Supporters: Tom Duever, Jana Stojanowska

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