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Service and Leadership Awards Recipients

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Congralutions to our Service and Leadership award recipients for 2022.

2022 recipients

  • Standing Strong Task Force Team
    • Joanne Dallaire, Office of the Provost & Vice-President, Academic
    • Rachel DiSaia, Yeates School of Graduate Studies
    • Michael Doxtater, The Creative School
    • Catherine Ellis, Faculty of Arts
    • Cecile Farnum, Toronto Metropolitan University Library
    • Tracey King, Human Resources
    • Riley Kucheran, The Creative School
    • Melanie Martin-Griem, Office of the Vice-President, Research & Innovation
    • Heather Rollwagen, Faculty of Arts
      • Nominator: Tanya De Mello
      • Supporter: Tony Conte
  • The University's Pandemic Essential On-Campus Workers Team
    • Community Safety and Security
    • Computing and Communications Services
    • Facilities Management and Development -  Facilities Services
    • Facilities Management and Development - Custodial and Groundskeeping
    • Facilities Management and Development - Maintenance and Operations
    • Financial Services
    • Financial Services - Shipping and Receiving
    • Housing and Residence Life
    • Toronto Metropolitan University Library and Archives
    • Student Learning Centre
    • University Business Services - Campus Store
    • University Business Services - Event and Space Reservations 
    • University Business Services - Food Services
    • University Business Services - OneCard
      • Nominator: Jennifer MacInnis
      • Supporter: Carol Shepstone

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  • Julian Hasford - Faculty award recipient
    Faculty of Community Services
    • Nominator: Judy Finlay
    • Supporters: Sheldon Carvuana, Tara Collins, Sophia Ramsay
  • Krishan Mehta - Senior leader award recipient
    University Advancement
    • Nominator: Rivi Frankle
    • Supporters: Donette M. Chin-Loy Chang, Charles Finlay, Gerri Nakirigya Lutaaya, Cathy MannAbdullah Snobar
  • Michael Mihalicz - Staff award recipient
    Ted Rogers School of Management
    • Nominator: Sana Mulji Dutt
    • Supporters: Sean Ingram, Sean Wise

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  • Christopher Gibbs
    The Creative School
    • Nominators: Alexandra D'Arcy, Louis-Etienne Dubois
    • Supporters: Alexandra D'Arcy, Michael Doxtater, Louis-Etienne Dubois, Lorena Escandon, Charles Falzon, Darryl Hurs, Negin Jazayeri, Shawn Newman, Paula Rayson, Jeremy Shtern
  • Daphne Taras
    Ted Rogers School of Management
    • Nominator: Kelly McShane
    • Supporters: Cindy Dunne, Mark Lee, Atefeh Mashatan, Wayne McFarlane, Kelly McShane, Michael Mihalicz, Marilyn Monk, Brad Wells, Donna Young, Hong Yu

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  • Howard Allen
    Financial Services
    • Nominator: Vincenzo Carinci
    • Supporters: Rita Lingner
  • Melanie Martin-Griem
    Office of the Vice-President, Research & Innovation
    • Nominator: Rachel DiSaia
    • Supporters: Steven Liss

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  • Davina Chan
    Human Resources
    • Nominator: Pamela Sugiman
    • Supporters: Kathryn Rowan

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  • Adam Chaboryk
    Computing and Communications Services
    • Nominator: Heather Willis
    • Supporter: Arthur Sabelnykov
  • Hirma Leon
    The G. Raymond Chang School of Continuing Education
    • Nominators: Janice Pinto, Elisa Traficante
    • Supporter: Chris Cachia
  • Spiros Vavougios
    Office of the General Counsel and Board Secretariat
    • Nominator: Denise Campbell
    • Supporters: Keith Christie, Gill D'Agostino
  • The Classroom Refresh Project Team
    • Ryann Campbell, Facilities Management and Development
    • Michelle Schwartz, Centre for Excellence in Learning and Teaching
    • Grant Te Brugge, Facilities Management and Development
      • Nominator: Wendy Freeman
      • Supporter: Terri Peters
  • Media Services Team
    • Brian Boase, Computing and Communications Services
    • Robert Brown, Computing and Communications Services
    • James Cousins, Computing and Communications Services
    • Sean Kearns, Computing and Communications Services
    • Sergei Lipnitski, Computing and Communications Services
    • Luke Nater, Computing and Communications Services
    • Steve Pelletier, Computing and Communications Services
    • Jacub Rak, Computing and Communications Services
    • Randall Savoie, Computing and Communications Services
      • Nominator: Kim McDonald
      • Supporters: Heather Willis
  • Office of Aboriginal Initiatives
    • Sheila Desjarlais, Equity and Community Inclusion
    • Sarena Johnson, Student Affairs
    • Samantha Mandamin, Equity and Community Inclusion
    • Monica Mckay, Equity and Community Inclusion
    • Jo-Anne Miller, Equity and Community Inclusion
    • Brian Norton, Equity and Community Inclusion
    • Sheila Saikkonen, Equity and Community Inclusion
    • Diane Simone, Equity and Community Inclusion
    • Cheryl Trudeau, Equity and Community Inclusion
      • Nominator: Curtis Maloley
      • Supporter: Fenella Amarasinghe

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  • Martin Antony
    Department of Psychology, Faculty of Arts
    • Nominator: Martin Antony
    • Supporters: Michelle Dionne, Candice Monson
  • Lorena Escandon
    School of Creative Industries, The Creative School
    • Nominator: Christopher Gibbs
    • Supporters: Wendy Freeman, Sandra Tullio-Pow
  • Scott Franks
    Lincoln Alexander School of Law
    • Nominator: Hilary Evans Cameron
    • Supporters: Alexandra Mogyoros, Leanne Shafir
  • Julian Hasford
    School of Child & Youth Care, Faculty of Community Services
    • Nominator: Tara Collins
    • Supporters: Sheldon Caruana, Sophia Brown Ramsay
  • Chun-Yip Hon
    School of Occupational & Public Health, Faculty of Community Services
    • Nominator: Chun-Yip Hon
    • Supporters: Erin Breece, Eric Liberda
  • Farrokh Sharifi
    Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering, Faculty of Engineering & Architectural Science
    • Nominator: Farrokh Sharifi
    • Supporters: Seth Dworkin, Donatus Oguamanam

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Counsellor Awards

  • Laura Girz
    Centre for Student Development and Counselling, Student Health and Wellness, Student Wellbeing, Office of the Vice-Provost, Students
    • Nominator: Yu-Ching (Jean) Tsai
    • Supporters: Maria Chaparro, Bronwyn Dickson

Librarian Awards

  • Reece Steinberg
    Toronto Metropolitan University Library
    • Nominator: Reece Steinberg
    • Supporters: Julie Kellershohn, Ashley Lewis

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  • The Creative School International Team
    • Sandra Chung, The Creative School
    • Sadia Kamran, The Creative School
      • Nominator: Rana Abdel - Latif
      • Supporters: Joseph Medaglia, Ramona Pringle

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