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Linda Grayson Administrative Leadership Award Recipients

The Linda Grayson Administrative Leadership Awards are in recognition of Linda Grayson, former Vice-President, Administration and Finance. These awards recognize two individuals (one Senior Administrator or Director and one MAC, CUPE 233 or OPSEU employee) who have demonstrated exceptional leadership through effectively managing a project, activity or team, to achieve outstanding results.

Recipients receive a certificate and a one-time monetary award of $2,000 (subject to applicable deductions).

Key criteria: Leadership; people first

2023 recipients

Rachel DiSaia

Office of the President

As Associate Director, Next Chapter Implementation, Rachel DiSaia has demonstrated exceptional leadership qualities through many of the university’s largest and most impactful initiatives, including the renaming of the university, the development of TMU’s new mascot and team name, and the creation of new policy on commemoration and benefactor naming. Rachel takes a leadership role simultaneously across multiple units at the university. Their commitment to equity, inclusion and open conversations heals differences and breaks down barriers. Rachel’s leadership on the Next Chapter ensures that the implementation of the Standing Strong Task Force’s 22 recommendations is on track and positioned for success.

Susana Neves-Silva

Faculty of Community Services

Susana Neves-Silva has a wealth of knowledge, expertise, and passion as a nursing leader. She shows genuine compassion for students and staff. She persistently advocates for resources to support the nursing program and enhance the student experience. Susana demonstrated perseverance throughout the pandemic and helped to vaccinate community citizens during the TMU COVID 19 vaccine clinic. She committed to keeping the clinical labs open to nursing students during provincial lockdowns by collaborating with various teams to create pandemic safety protocols with no outbreak incidents. Susana is a trusted, valued, and respected leader truly deserving of this recognition.

Past recipients

  • Howard Allen
    Financial Services
  • Melanie Martin-Griem
    Office of the Vice-President, Research & Innovation
  • Lindsay Hanna
    Faculty of Communication and Design
  • Glenda Mallon
    Facilities Management and Development
  • Gillian D'Agostino
    Community Safety & Security
  • John Paul Foxe
    Academic Integrity Office
  • Shawn McFadden
    Department of Chemistry and Biology, Faculty of Science
  • Jennifer MacInnis
    Office of the General Counsel and Board Secretariat
  • Dayle Levine
    Office of the Vice-President, Research and Innovation
  • John MacRitchie
    Office of the Vice-President, Research and Innovation
  • Linda Maxwell
    Office of the Provost and Vice-President, Academic
  • Sharmaine McKenzie
    Faculty of Arts
  • Mohammad Adnan Syed
    Faculty of Science
  • Philip Cox
    Custodial Services, Facilities Management and Development
  • Michael Forbes
    University Relations