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Develop Local Program

TMU has a formal recognition award program that recognizes employee excellence. In addition to this program, you may also develop a local award that caters to the unique needs of your team, department or faculty. The HR recognition team is available to work with you to establish your local program.

The following steps are provided to help you build your own local recognition program:

 Identify specific program goals that relate to your objectives and values. 

  • What would you like to accomplish?
  • Is there an area you would like to improve? 
  • Consider goals around improving client service, processes, innovation or student experience.

Put people first by asking employees how they would like to be recognized. 

As you develop your program, consider the following questions:

  • What is the recognition or award honouring?
  • How often will you recognize employees?
  • Who is eligible? How many individuals will be recognized?
  • Who can recognize others?
  • What are the specific and quantifiable criteria that need to be met?
  • How will you evaluate and select individuals?
  • Have you considered equity, diversity and inclusion in your program design?
  • How will you recognize or award successful individuals?
  • Are there any program constraints? What are they? (e.g. Eligibility, costs, taxation of prizes, etc.)

Determine how you will recognize program participants. When planning any type of recognition event or award presentation, consider individual preferences when determining

  • Should the recognition be public or private?
  • Who should attend?
  • What type of recognition would the person really value?
  • How will the achievement be shared with the community? (e.g. Website, newsletter, etc.)

Share a draft of your program with your team and ask for their feedback. Incorporate any suggestions and adaptations that improve the final program to help build buy-in and ownership.

Once you’ve established your new recognition program, send an introductory email that explains the new initiative. Include a contact to answer questions. Consider identifying a few champions to increase program engagement and plan to send out regular reminders to keep the momentum going.

After you have run your recognition program once, evaluate its success. Ask participants for feedback. Did the program achieve the intended objectives? Was there sufficient communication? Were the criteria and evaluation clear? How could we improve the program?

Using the departmental recognition program template

This template will help you develop a unique recognition program for your team, department or faculty.

Keep these things in mind while designing your recognition program:

  • Align the program with departmental and/or university objectives and values.
  • Ask your team or department for input.
  • Communicate, communicate, communicate.
  • Tailor the recognition to the individual.